Reader app gets a trailer featuring One Piece

Manga reading app simply called Reader got a trailer featuring One Piece.

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GribbleGrunger1865d ago

We know that the PS3 can stream to the Vita but can the Vita stream to the PS3? It would be great to be able to look at these on the big screen while using the Vita as a controller

profgerbik1865d ago

Not sure but sounds like a great idea.

Godmars2901865d ago

How about just making a PS3 manga/comic app?

sinncross1864d ago

I used this app at TGS (where they had OP on display)

it was pretty sweet

XPH1864d ago

Sony will probably release a AV cable like they did for the PSP, so you can view PS Vita content on a TV.

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profgerbik1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

I wish they could somehow update these Mangas to somehow work like the Comic scenes in Gravity Rush.

I love how you can use the gyro sensor to get different angles of the book, almost as if you are actually reading it in person it also gives a more detailed view of the art as a whole and just makes reading them that much more fun.

I really would love to see that implemented into future Manga books for the Vita.

hkgamer1865d ago

I'm sure a comic book version will be released in the US. Don't they have like digital interactive comics now?

A manga app would help in the US, but since scanlations pretty much dominate the digital viewing market it would be pretty hard to charge people to read.

Why is one piece in colour?

r211865d ago

I think its cause its the first chapter, so since it was a starter, it has colors.