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Why the Obsession with Reviews?

Mr. Nash looks at how gamers seem to put a lot more focus on reviews than any other sort of article discussing their hobby. (3DS, Industry, PC, PS Vita, PS3, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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TheLyonKing  +   685d ago
In simple terms they are used:

1. To help unsure people
2. for people to justify purchases
3. for (if it is exclusive) fanboys to gloat
4. To help make game of the year choices easier
zgoldenlionz  +   684d ago
Good points. Also for me even if I really want a title there's things I need to know before spending 60+tax on something I won't be able to return.

I don't always pay attention to a really great review or a really bad review but if every review talks about glitches or awful framer ate then I know my money's better spent elsewhere.
CYBERHATER  +   685d ago
I'll give you some reasons.

Ninja Gaiden 3
Resident Evil Racoon City
REsident Evil 6

Just to name a few.
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   685d ago
For comparing.... Sad really.
TukkerIntensity  +   685d ago
I don't bother with reviews anymore. Between Giant Bomb Quick Looks + Total Biscuit WTF series I get all I need to know before buying a game without all the crap you get in a review.
pecorre  +   685d ago
Why the obsession with people that read reviews? What is so bad about it?

Seriously, I have less and less time to play video games, so when I buy a new game, I only want to play the best. I read some reviews, watch videos and choose the one that I am most likely to enjoy.

Everyone with a familly will understand what I am saying.I simply don't want to waste my time on bad games.
GammaSix  +   684d ago
because people are freaking sheep

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