'This is Vegas' Coming to Xbox 360, PS3; First Screenshots

From The Man Room:

"Gambling. Racing. Brawls. Loose women. These are all things a powerful businessman hopes to squeeze out of Las Vegas in Midway's just-announced new game in development, This is Vegas.

In the game, players will assume the role of a man who must fight, gamble (illegally even), drive and party his way into returning Vegas to the adult playground it's meant to be. An open world sandbox and adult-themed content will definitely give a Grand Theft Auto IV feel to the game, while the Vegas-esque scenery and missions will provide something entirely new."

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Mr_Kuwabara3752d ago

Graphic wise, it's not looking bad now gameplay wise, we'll see.

KILLERAPP3752d ago

I just hope that this game will be good for everyone.

spandexxking3752d ago

this kinda game spells trouble to me. if fox news went ape sh1t over mass effect imagine what they'l be like when this comes out. i can see it now, gambling, fighting, hot chicks. its not gonna go down well which is a shame coz lots of people will like this game.

wil4hire3752d ago

They do it every time GTA comes out.

Ju3752d ago

Damn...they make me move to Vegas by end of the year :) LOL

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