Outrageous New Mexico gaming tax aims to rob children

The proposed bill, perhaps not so cleverly called "The Leave No Child Inside Act," claims to motivate children to get outside and become physically active, according to CNET. The taxed funds would go to support state programs like outdoor recreation programs, transportation to outdoor rec facilities, curriculum in outdoor activities for teachers, and so on.

First, it appears obvious that the title "Leave No Child Inside Act," is intended to draw parallels between the new program and the No Child Left Behind Act, one that is widely regarded to be a horrendous program for all but the lowest common denominator of children. What I mean by that is that the NCLB Act is designed to make sure every child is getting a successful eduction…many times at the expense of a quality education for those who aren't struggling to pass the grade.

So, what the government of NM is suggesting, intentionally or not, is that the new bill aims to make sure every child gets outside and becomes healthy and active, correct? What about the children that are already highly athletic or recreationally involved, and only play games for thirty minutes to an hour before bedtime? You are going to penalize those children for playing video games along side the children that should be getting outside…just like the masses of children being adversely affected by the dumbed down teaching implemented with the NCLB Act.

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CadDad3592d ago

Is what this would fall under. It's a bad precedent to set, and I'm not a fan of any sin taxes, even the ones I don't partake in.

But then again, I'm not a fan of very many taxes at all.


VigorousApathy3592d ago

Maybe they should pay kids to play outside then everybody wins. Also, just kill the fat people and eat them.

voice_of_ reason3591d ago

the likelihood that a bill like this would pass is very slim. more often than not proposing a bill like this is just to make a statement. if they really want kids to get outside, the parents need to take that responsibility and not rely on the govt. it's a shame that they just don't understand and think a bill will change anything. i live in new mexico, and it won't effect me, aside from annoying me when i buy a game.

Silver3603591d ago

Where is the tax on CD's, MP3 downloads, DVD's, Television, and all that damn fatting food? You know, tax the ice cream and pizza also. Don't just single out Video games.