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Gamers' Temple writes:

"As The Gamers' Temple resident Poke-expert, it is always a big deal for me when a new Pokemon RPG comes out. All other leisure activities grind to sudden halt and my DS (or in this case, 3DS XL) is never far from my grasp at any given moment of the day, whether I'm at work, watching TV on the couch, out to dinner with the wife (who is also hopelessly addicted, by the way); no institution is safe from being sidetracked by catching 'em all. Though it doesn't look like the first direct sequels in Pokemon history, Black and White Versions 2, will be any exception, these admittedly near-perfect adventures may not shine quite as brightly with all kinds of players. Yes, Black and White Versions 2 will get very high marks in this review and are the best realizations of the long-running RPG series ever released, but the second visit to the Unova region doesn't quite hit 100 percent perfection with this series veteran."

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