PS3 'Gathering Momentum' Against Xbox 360?

James Brightman of Gamedaily writes: If you believe prediction market simExchange, then the PS3 has inched closer still to selling on par with the Xbox 360 in January - the third consecutive month in which Sony's console has narrowed the sales gap.

Xbox 360: 289,000 units
PS3: 200,000 units
Wii: 403,000 units
DS: 460,000 units
PSP: 250,000 units

"Although there were no momentous changes in hardware trends, it should be noted that the Xbox 360 is expected to outsell the PS3 by 1.44 to 1, a decrease from November's 1.65 to 1 and December's 1.58 to 1. We consider this noteworthy as neither system had any superior exclusive releases or price drops in January and could be an early sign of the PS3 gathering momentum on the Xbox 360," Divnich noted.

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TheMART3721d ago

And what will happen when the 360 gets its pricedrop to 279 to 299 Dollar/Euro on the Premium? Right, PS3 back down the charts

Kyur4ThePain3721d ago

A sales spike, and then back down the charts.

It's the same as we've seen with the PS3 price drop(s)/lower priced will help sales for a while but, unlike the PS3, there is no compelling reasons for the 360 sales to keep growing.

Yes, there were spikes after PS3 price drops, but have you noticed the trend recently? Growing sales. Why? There are many reasons for people to buy a PS3...the 360, not so much.

3721d ago
Mr_Kuwabara3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

Sony could easily just counter. Judging by the fact that IBM's testing a new cheaper 45nm chip, Sony could reduce there price on Blu-Ray players/ Playstation 3's if they want to. (More likely if Microsoft indeed decides to lower the 360, but now, I don't really see why they should lower there prices)

Other than that, what are you doing in the Gamer Zone? You're no gamer dude sorry...

sonarus3721d ago

lol 360 drops to 299 ps3 could easily drop to 299 as well. Blu ray drives are cheaper and they are already producing 45nm processors. production costs are coming down. If you think sony will let msoft get away with a price drop you are dreamin lol

the mart im gay3721d ago

Oh man my fanboy metality got the best of me again. Oh well ill just get back to trying to get my 360 to work....*cries*

BardockS30Z3721d ago

jus sell ur 360 to a dumb kid and get a ps3. and we'll see you on PSN!

zane_78493721d ago

The PS3 seems to be coming into it's own in the US, which honestly isn't really very surprising but good to see. The question at this point really is can anyone catch up to the Wii? Or should they even worry about it with third party games almost universally struggling and software sales far languishing behind hardware sales?

This generation is about as interesting as this industry gets.

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Lifendz3720d ago

Cell processor is now cheaper to make. That translates into a PS3 price drop if Sony needs to counter a 360 one. I said it before and I'll say it again, this is all happening and the big AAA hyped games aren't even out yet. Just wait till these games are on the shelves. PS3 back on top in 08. And with God of War, Final Fantasies, Team Ico's game, Infamous, etc, the future is going to be bright for Sony.

Don't hate, Just play.

PSN ID: Lifendz

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LOFT3163721d ago

Be one Helluva year for the PS3

Milky3720d ago


vloeistof3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

you know im happy is gaining momentum but why do we in eu still have those stupid ps3 tv ads .sony should make them better like the bravia one they are cool.

Milky3720d ago

Yh that would be amazing, the bravia ones are so imaginative like the one with play-doh rabbits. they are sooo cool !

Kaz Hirai3721d ago

Enjoy second place while it lasts, Xbot SWINE!


sak5003721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

This guy and the other idiot should be IP banned. This is getting ridiculous, is this a freaking news 4 gamers website or a freaking school yard? People have told me to leave this site as its being reduced to one sided news and opinions but i havent given up hope. The above kind of comments makes me want to think twice opening the commments.

reported, ignored and -bubbles for your retarded comment.

Aleusia3721d ago

Wow, somebody is a really butthurt 360 fanboy.

I guess everybody should be banned if they stand against the "glorious" Xbox 360 in any way.

darkshiz3721d ago

Yeah if your so butt hurt go to gamespot already.

That's xbot heaven.

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