15 Good Reasons To Hate Modern Gaming

WC - Gamers live in a substantially different time than they did 15 years ago. Back then Nintendo was king and Sony had only been in the market for a couple years with the Playstation. We had game cartridges and memory cards and rumble packs. 3D gaming was a new and novel leap in technology, and it blew our minds. Most importantly, it was still a relatively obscure hobby that appealed to a certain niche of people.

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TwiggiePantz2169d ago

15 reasons seem far too small... but after all has been said and pointed, gota admit, Modern Gaming has only gotten better in terms of Tech, something that drove our industry out of the toy concept and overshadowed game quality. However it think that when our Tech reaches both our Eye and Mind limits, we might start seeing a return to when it was all about the game and your experince.

This is how we have been evolving in this tech industry.

StrawHatPatriot2169d ago

To be honest, I think we will see a return to dedicated gaming consoles, partially to drive down the price and to focus the money on the gaming itself (The Nintendo TVii is probably the only major media app for the Wii U, as it won't have as much apps compared to PSN and XBL, can't play blu-ray, etc.

darthv722169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

are valid. others are questionable. I can agree with the whole day 1 patches thing. i mean if a game goes to retail it should be finished. Which leads into the DLC one. That isnt so much a bad idea when it first started.

I mean it started out as a way for publishers and developers to extend the relevancy of their title while 'perhaps' working on a sequel. It got corrupted to the point where it became an easy way to release an unfinished game.

So I can see why it would be on the list. That could actually be OUR fault. Yeah, you read that right. OUR as in the consumer/gamers. We have become entitled to our hobby and very demanding on release schedules to the point where if the game isnt out we go apes**t.

We cant take all the blame however. it also falls on the hands of the publishers, platform heads and stock holders. They too want to get the product out in time to best the competition. So now what was a 'good' way of extending a games lifespan has become a twisted joke on everybody.

Digital distribution, that is a love/hate thing. No doubt it represents the evolution of where gaming is headed (same with more interactive controls ie: motion controls) but many are just not ready to give up their $$ for a virtual copy of a game. I mean, stuff happens and companies can go under and if they have the records of your purchases then you're screwed if they do.

i do like trophies and achievements. It too was a unique way of extending a games relevancy. But (like dlc) it is becoming something of a joke. Developers throwing in so many obscure trophy/achievements that it almost isnt fun to earn anymore. Almost is the key word. i still like working for them.

Prices of games new and used has ALWAYS been an issue. We just complain about it more thanks to the internet. Used games stores existed in the 80's and 90's and there were expensive new games in the 80's and 90's. Not much has changed except we are more vocal through our keyboards when we should be more vocal with our wallets. I'm going to stop buying games.

All in all, there are pro's and cons about gaming in general. Just lately there have been more cons than pros.

I'm going to go play my 2600. No achievement for getting the high score on space invaders but it makes me feel good.

Pushagree2169d ago

Achievements/trophies does not belong on that list. The is one of this good things this gen brought us.

BitbyDeath2169d ago

If people didn't complain then they wouldn't be people.

Tenkin2169d ago

The death of many good franchises

StrawHatPatriot2169d ago

Thank you for number 3 and number 1, and for not completely disregarding motion control gaming, as I believe it has some potential and can produce great games/gaming experience, it just isn't ready yet (if accuracy can improve, then maybe it can start appearing in more types of games)

Good article overall.

rpd1232169d ago

Don't agree with achievements, online gaming, budgets, and DLC. I feel no need to get achievements or trophies, I barely ever look at them. Online gaming is fun and if you don't want to listen to people then you can be in party chat or mute everyone in the game...not that hard. Big budgets don't make a game good, but they certainly help. And the price of games doesn't go up, they're less expensive now than they used to be. DLC extends the life of a game if it's done right. You can't tell me stuff like the Lost and the Damned, Ballad of Gay Tony, and Undead Nightmare are ripoffs.

StrawHatPatriot2169d ago

The main problem he had with online outside the swearing was how many games now are starting to neglect or the offline experience useless/nothing (ex. Madden NFL 13 needed a bunch of patches to bring back some offline features, and it still lacks offline multiplayer for its main mode even though they added offline coop.)

Big budget games may help, but they've changed how many developers/companies are. Many companies have been killed off because there has been no market for the non super great graphic $70 mil budget game this gen.

Day one DLC and Patches are a problem because usually, more often than not, they are put in because the developers didn't finish the game, are too lazy, are want to get some extra money by making you pay.

rpd1232169d ago

I see what you're saying. I guess everything really has both a positive and negative spin on it. The online stuff you mentioned does bother me too and I didn't think about smaller studios going out of business because budget. I totally agree about day one DLC and patches. DLC is rarely done right now that I think about it, so I'd agree it's a negative part of modern gaming. Like Skyrim on PS3. It was unfinished and lazy. Didn't really consider the fact that bigger companies can drive smaller ones out of business because of budget. I was just thinking that the games made with big budgets aren't bad, but the real problem lies on their effect on the industry as a whole.

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