Rare Making Free-To-Play, Windows 8 Mobile

NowGamer: New job ads reveal a new direction for Microsot studio and the house of classic IP, Rare.

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Belking1985d ago

Love Rare. Awesome devs.

morventhus1985d ago

Wow... man they just opened up alot of spots... alot of them are for AAA games... only one or two mentions free to play or win 8 anywhere in them... the must have alot of plans... specially since they already have 4 or so teams at rare

ChunkyLover531984d ago

The biggest rumor is that they are rebooting Perfect Dark for the Xbox 720 and that they are also creating a new IP to launch the 720 with.

When you consider how large Rare is and how they've been hiring like crazy, its not out of the realm of possibility. Also, the last game they actually worked on was Kinect Sports 1, Kinect Sports 2 was made by Big Park, although it was "assisted" by Rare, they didn't have much to actually do with the game. So Rare hasn't done anything in over 3 years or so, plenty of time to craft a couple of launch titles.

morventhus1983d ago

You also have to wonder what there other 3 to 4 teams were doing besides the Kinect Sports team.

IWentBrokeForGaming1985d ago

I would hope their latest attempts at games would be free to play...

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Coming to pc? nice.... But I have doubts it will be good though..

morventhus1983d ago

Viva Piñata was on the pc it did well

and the game was awesome in general