The first Borderlands 2 expansion is filled with booty -- date and price announced

GamesBeat's Jeffrey Grubb writes: "If you're on the Borderlands 2 train, get out your cash or show your season pass to the conductor because the first downloadable content is almost here."

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Myst1989d ago

Wow I was not expecting it to come out this soon. Time to push all other games aside and start playing again. Need to get ready and level up my mechromancer

SuicidalTendencies1989d ago

I'll wait for the game of the year edition.

AKS1989d ago

Already? It may sound odd to say this, but I'd kinda prefer that they space this stuff out a bit more.

Sadie21001989d ago

I agree. Not even done with first campaign yet!

AusRogo1989d ago

Neither! Game is incredibly huge and addictive.

NeoTribe1989d ago

Id prefer it all now considering your gonna get tired of the game eventually. I don't plan on making a new char for every little dlc they have.

Captain Qwark 91989d ago

it is odd becuase let say it was released tomorrow, you still dont have to play it. you are allowed to play it when you get to it and if you prefer to have space between releases, then just wait 2 months or so and you will have that space. but for those who finished a little faster, the sooner the better

CrimsonessCross1989d ago

I finished it I believe it was like...Monday on Maya with someone. I probably wouldn't have beaten it if I was to still play alone at the time as well haha.

But now I'm running Gaige...FML haha.

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The story is too old to be commented.