Opinion: Our Inevitable Episodic Future

Episodic content is to traditional gaming what TV is to movies, one supposes. Initially, movies were only in theaters; initially, games were only in arcades. Then, it became possible to watch movies on a home projector; similarly, it became possible to play games on a home console. The next step for cinematic content, of course, was TV broadcasting -- now is the next step for games broadcast content?

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Captain Tuttle3686d ago

This was all anyone could talk about. The problem was that Valve took WAY to long between Episodes. True episodic content should be released on a monthly or even bi-monthly basis, like stated in the article with Rock Band. Having to wait years between episodes like Half-Life 1&2 is ridiculous.

sak5003686d ago

Agreed. Its like waiting for 2nd half or a new season of lost/heroes/prision break etc.