The Rarest and Most Valuable Super Nintendo Games

Racket Boy delivers a list of the most valuable SNES games, which rather than being rare are costly due to their popularity and the hunt for elusive boxed SNES games in good condition.

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jackdoe3360d ago

I only have one on the list, Super Mario RPG.

moujahed3360d ago

the Goomba statement, I crushed,roasted, or swatted them away every chance i got.

INehalemEXI3360d ago

Shadowrun snes was awesome its not rare or expensive though.

Lagbox plzfixme3360d ago

Whats even more rare? Finding a Launch Day Xbox 360 that still works.

Tarmgar3360d ago

Out of all those, I only have Mario RPG also. It's laying somewhere in my house. I think.... But, that list, I've only played half those games.

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The story is too old to be commented.