Resident Evil 6, the best selling game of the franchise since Resident Evil 2 & 3 on PSX?

Resident Evil 6 is now out in Japan, and with a Famitsu review giving it an almost perfect score, PS3 gamers have been buying in large numbers compared to past iterations of the series.

But with almost 625000 units sold in the first week on Sony's machine, how well does it hold against the previous chapters numbers ?

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moegooner882054d ago

Quite surprised at how well RE3 sold during its first week in Japan, given that the lifetime sales for the title is around 3.5 million copies:

Gorkab2054d ago

When you consider that there was roughly 14 to 15 million PSX at the time (1999), it's not that surprising I think ;)

zeeshan2053d ago

Cod sells millions. Why not cod-wannabe RE game then?

Sizzon2054d ago

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was and is still a fantastic game.

psvitamanfan2054d ago

I have tried to play a resident evil game, but for the life of me I just cant get into it. Also, what do they insist on having a white guy with some funky japanese style hair? Seriously, give him a buzz cut or something

ado9082054d ago

OMG IF THIS IS TRUE THEN F U ALL OF POPULATION THAT BOUGHT THIS GAME! We're are trying to teach Capcom a lesson and you people give them more of a reason to build more action oriented Resident evil games. God..

RivetCityGhoul2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

i think your missing the point, the point is that RE6 sold as much as RE2 & 3 did even though there way more consoles sold today than when RE2 & 3 came out. which would therefore mean the lack interest is there when it comes to RE6. the only way that capcom would continue down the same path is if as a whole RE6 sells more than RE5.

linkratos2054d ago

Using console ratio is always a dumb idea. Using that logic RE4 sold infinitely better on Gamecube than it did on PS2.

Raw sales are always the best barometer.

aquamala2054d ago

Who's we? You're the minority, the rest of us are enjoying the game

ado9082054d ago

It's because of people like you that actually ruined Resident evil.

Angrymorgan2054d ago

I got it and I'm enjoying it so far, it's pretty good in fact it's not as bad as most have been led to' s not resident evil IMO

JsonHenry2054d ago

Well, I guess the next one will be a watered down action game too then.. :(

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