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Submitted by Gorkab 1219d ago | news

Resident Evil 6, the best selling game of the franchise since Resident Evil 2 & 3 on PSX?

Resident Evil 6 is now out in Japan, and with a Famitsu review giving it an almost perfect score, PS3 gamers have been buying in large numbers compared to past iterations of the series.

But with almost 625000 units sold in the first week on Sony's machine, how well does it hold against the previous chapters numbers ? (Capcom, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PS2, PS3, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil 6, Retro, Wii, Xbox 360)

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moegooner88  +   1219d ago
Quite surprised at how well RE3 sold during its first week in Japan, given that the lifetime sales for the title is around 3.5 million copies:
Gorkab  +   1219d ago
When you consider that there was roughly 14 to 15 million PSX at the time (1999), it's not that surprising I think ;)
zeeshan  +   1218d ago
Cod sells millions. Why not cod-wannabe RE game then?
Sizzon  +   1219d ago
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was and is still a fantastic game.
psvitamanfan  +   1219d ago
I have tried to play a resident evil game, but for the life of me I just cant get into it. Also, what do they insist on having a white guy with some funky japanese style hair? Seriously, give him a buzz cut or something
ado908  +   1219d ago
OMG IF THIS IS TRUE THEN F U ALL OF POPULATION THAT BOUGHT THIS GAME! We're are trying to teach Capcom a lesson and you people give them more of a reason to build more action oriented Resident evil games. God..
RivetCityGhoul  +   1219d ago
i think your missing the point, the point is that RE6 sold as much as RE2 & 3 did even though there way more consoles sold today than when RE2 & 3 came out. which would therefore mean the lack interest is there when it comes to RE6. the only way that capcom would continue down the same path is if as a whole RE6 sells more than RE5.
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linkratos  +   1219d ago
Using console ratio is always a dumb idea. Using that logic RE4 sold infinitely better on Gamecube than it did on PS2.

Raw sales are always the best barometer.
aquamala  +   1219d ago
Who's we? You're the minority, the rest of us are enjoying the game
ado908  +   1218d ago
It's because of people like you that actually ruined Resident evil.
Angrymorgan  +   1219d ago
I got it and I'm enjoying it so far, it's pretty good in fact it's not as bad as most have been led to' s not resident evil IMO
JsonHenry  +   1219d ago
Well, I guess the next one will be a watered down action game too then.. :(
yesmynameissumo  +   1219d ago
I'm playing RE6 currently (final Boss of Chris's campaign) and I must say...this game is fun. It's not RE, but it is still a fun game nonetheless.
Silly gameAr  +   1219d ago
Yeah, it's not as bad as some people say. Though, some parts feel more like work then fun, and Simmons from Leon's campaign? Most annoying enemy ever. Worst then the Nemesis in RE3. Guy just would not go away.
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SAE  +   1219d ago
lol , every time he show up i curse the Prime ministry in my country xD ..

both don't die >.< , he is the oldest prime minister in the world , i don't know whether i lauph or cry ...
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j-blaze  +   1218d ago
"It's not RE"

no, it is a Resident Evil game Mr. oldie baldie
yesmynameissumo  +   1218d ago
I guess 4 was the first one you ever played. But do tell, how it is a Resident Evil game besides in name? Oh can't. Off to shave my head!
GoldsackContinues  +   1219d ago
No, its the worst RE ever created.

Its a completely brainless TPS with a horrible camera, clunky controls, horrible hit detection, medicore combat&upgrade system, awful level design and the story&soundtrack is soo COD orientied its laughable...I get blasted from one explosion right to the next explosion.

Man, its a damn corridor shooter...wake the fuck up.
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SAE  +   1219d ago
We all know that ^^ , it's not resident evil game..

i was bored so i bought it , it was the first game to release this month , i don't regret it because it's a fun game
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aquamala  +   1219d ago
"Its a completely brainless TPS with a horrible camera, clunky controls, horrible hit detection, medicore combat&upgrade system, awful level design"

Doesn't that describe every single RE game?
GoldsackContinues  +   1219d ago
No, because from RE2 camera I never got headache.
No, because R4 even RE5 controls were slick compared to this fussy mess.
No, my aim is dead on but bullets go throw opponents, this never happened before in a RE game.
No, I will always prefer knife fights or >visible< weapon upgrades than lame WWF move&a upgrade system with non-visible effect on characters.
No, RE was never a straight forward corridor game.

RE6 is trash, plain and simple.
Awesome_Gamer  +   1218d ago
This isn't a Resident Evil game, that's a fact, fanboys need to wake the fuck up, this game is trash.
aiBreeze  +   1219d ago
Resident Evil 7, the worst selling non spin off Resident Evil game.
HiddenMission  +   1219d ago

Haters above go suck a fart lol

Really all this hate from people who didn't buy the game because shitty members of the press are still living in 1998 while rocking their duck tails.

I've played the entire series and RE6 is the best on so many different levels but sheep are brainless followers so they'll never know anything about quality games because the press lead them around like a flock.

Sad to be a gamer when you are a portion of my community...
GoldsackContinues  +   1219d ago
...>the< best in so many different levels.

HiddenMission  +   1219d ago
I see your complaints above and here is what i have to say.

1. So you've never played any game that you control the camera because its exactly the same...I call BS here 0 issue froma real gamer.

2. RE4 had tank controls that to this day are a convoluted mess with a poor learning curve...RE6 anyone one can pick up and play...try using a knife and then come back with this BS.

3. I beat all 4 stories and not once did my bullet go through an enemy without doing damage so again BS.

4. Yeah weapon upgrades are cool but Jakes melee was the 1st time you could actually kick ass so this is a preference and only your opinion.

5. So you just gave away that youve never played even one RE game because they have all been linear corridoor shooters...epic fail bro.

Im guessing being the follower that you are youll believe anything you read or are told...use your own mind actually think before you post a comment.
kparks  +   1218d ago
Ok imma add my thoughts in on this POS game! im playing on PS3 and beat all 4 chapters on VET and now on PRO!

#1 hit detection blows maybe ur playing on the 360 or sumn but countless times ive shot zombies dead in the face from 1 foot away and it missed!

#2 all the guns blow i wish they kept the old weapon upgrade and that also gave u a good reference to what kind of damage ur doing all the pistols are absolutely worthless when u start!

#3 like ive said im playing through on PRO right now no inf ammo or nothing and u die from some straight BS for example u get hit by a car that ur 20ft away from and my god the cutscenes screw me over every Fn time u constantly get hit by random shit .02 seconds out of a cutscene!!

#4 the camera is some garbage u cant see shit and i love when u have to run at the screen then halfway through the camera randomly shifts and then u run away from the screen AUTO death on hard if u dont know about it ada camp when ur running from the mutated boss in the ship (no spoiler!):)

#5 if ur going to add some overpowered spam kick atleast make it work half the time when u knock the zombie down and go to stomp him out u just kick around in the air and what about the part where leon is swimming from the shark thing LMAO he is not even moving ive never seen someone swim in place so fast..

AND THE STORY SUCKS boss fights are gay there is not one memorable boss well there are a couple because the one boss u fight like 80 Fn times so u got to remember him. in leons camp there is literally 1 boss !! bottom line the game is a 4/10 the best part of the game was the first 5 min of leons camp thats it, when the lights go out and ur looking for the girl but nothing even happens lol
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HiddenMission  +   1218d ago
I'm gonna call you on your BS

1st who plays a game on the hardest difficulties over and over again if they are just going to whine...last time I checked something sucks you don't play it over and over again and that's just common sense!

2nd I'm playing on the PS3 since that is my platform of choice.

3rd my 3 kids and GF watched me beat all 4 stories and not once did I ever have any issue with hit detection which makes me believe that your statement about playing on harder difficulties is a lie.

4th After playing the uncharted series I've grown used to games transitioning between cutscene and game play and RE6 is no different...I only died once from the transition and that is from all play this again weakens your argument that you played the game are harder difficulties.

5th Not once in my 50 plus hours playing the game have I had any trouble what so ever with the again I think you are trying to make yourself sound big by saying you played on the harder difficulties.

6th and final knock out punch to your fail of a rant is that if you hate the story, game play, cutscenes, camera, hit detection and what seems to be everything about the game why would you play all 4 stories several times through increasing the difficulty as you go?

The answer to this is you didn' haven't played the game and are on here hating on it with the same false, weak claims of all those who read Jim Sterlings and Kevin VanOrd's reviews.

See I actually played the game and I know you just regurgitated the false reviews of those two clowns so try better next time...ok.
kparks  +   1217d ago
U gonna call BS huh even when ive given u plot points that no1 has even talked about and im not playing over and over again i played on VET and now im on PRO and when i spend 89$on sumn damn right imma play it!! just because ur a pussy and played on noob settings where u get hit and dont die! so when u play on PRO all the cheep BS really gets to!! im not going to post pics or nothing im on ps ur on ps add me check my trophys and then u can STFU and get on my level!! my id is the same as my screen name on here then when u see i have played it u can reply to my OG post about how ur a dumbass!
Der_Kommandant  +   1219d ago
That's sad
Unlimax  +   1219d ago
People are buying this for the name only !

Any person trying to defend or like this crap is Lying to himself

<b>Dark fate awaits the series</b> .
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Mr-Dude  +   1219d ago
The future of Resident Evil> Call Of the Zombie: Resident Duty In The Name Of Casual
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thebudgetgamer  +   1217d ago
Is that a question or comment.

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