Videogamer: TNA iMPACT! Preview

Videogamer writes:

"Wrestling games are, on the whole, either above average or just plain average. Once you get over the novelty of being able to mess about with huge character models of your favourite wrestling stars, and perhaps dabbled in the creation of your own oversized muscle bound freak, you're left with little more than a poorly made, clunky and repetitive fighting game.

So it is that TNA Impact! arrives on the scene, a new player not only in video game land but in TV wrestling land too. And while TNA Impact! lacks experience, it certainly makes up for it in confidence, with a promise to revolutionise the stagnant wrestling video game genre and pretty much destroy the WWE Smackdown VS Raw franchise. The big question, of course, is whether or not that confidence is justified? We oiled up and threw ourselves into the hexagonal ring with wrestling star Kurt Angle to find out."

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TheD_R_E3786d ago

For the sake of fans of wrestling games I really do hope that this game is the evolution that the makers want it to be.