Melodrama - Rich Stanton accuses Edge for altering scores, PC Gamer for lying, and CVG for misquotes

DSOGaming writes: "Before starting this article, let me tell you that I’m not taking anyone sides on this story. Okay? We got this out of our way? So, let’s begin. Freelance writer Rich Stanton has accused a lot of Future Publishing portals, as well as a number of publishers for ‘paying’ in order to get better scores. We all remember the Gamespot Kane & Lynch fiasco, so this is not surprising to hear but do publishers and big gaming portals alter their review scores, even to this date? According to Rich, they do."

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NewMonday2053d ago

but what dose Preacher have to do with it?

john22053d ago

Preacher is Rich Stanton's avatar on Tweeter ;)

PiccoloGR2053d ago

Wow. This Rich guy seems really pissed about Future Publishing

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2052d ago

PC gamer gave dragon age 2 a 93 and the witcher 2 a 85. O_o

WildStyles2052d ago

If you don't think this type of stuff happens, your foolish.

3-4-52052d ago

The thing that sucks is that it only takes one company doing this to make everyone else look bad.

It's not ratting somebody out if they are doing something bad.

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