Universal Drops HD DVD Exclusivity has reported that Universal Studios will no longer support HD DVD exclusively as per EGM's March 2008 issue. Picture of the story covered in EGM's magazine has been scanned by


Original Story:

This topic will not be considered rumor being that the image scanned provides proof of what was said on EGM's (a notable Ziff Davis publication) most recent magazine. The post has yet to be denied or approved by Universal and will remain the way it is until Universal states otherwise.

The writer of the post, Yaris Gutierrez, has noted to me that a Universal PR has stated to him that "Universal is not commenting on any such rumors or speculation" bringing forward much more controversial thoughts/conclusions.

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NitrogenB3536d ago

Trying to get this pesky lid onto this coffin.

pwnsause3536d ago

nah, the nails are already in the HD-DVD coffin, what you're trying say is, where are the shovels? comn guys keep shovlin that HD-DVd coffin into its grave.

xhi43536d ago

bubbles for you mate! PWNSAUSE craked a funny lol

Mattearl3536d ago

You made me laugh on that one!! 'Anyone got any nails?" hahahaha

I was like, "Why? *confused*.... oh... hahahahah"

Great, that means, Gladiator will hopefully to BD soon. woo whooo!

cloud3603536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

if this is true. Watch this it will make u even happier it might be crap at first but its really good. most searched thing on wikipedia. its good for beginners

IntelligentAj3536d ago

You mean does anyone have some extra dirt because the hole just deeper.

Tarmgar3536d ago

Thanks for the laugh man lol!!

Gaara_7243536d ago

dont u mean the vicker (i think thats what there called?) and the vicker is called paramount

marinelife93536d ago

Universal better release an official statement soon yea or nay. The longer the rumor stays out their the more it hurts their HD-DVD sales.

sonarus3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

toshiba will probably respond with free hd-dvd players. lol I would take one for free as long as i can still get my 10 free movies if not sorry. Common toshiba you can do it free hd-dvd players and free movies. what more do you have to lose.

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TheHater3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

So does this mean I am getting Transfromer on Blu-ray? Sweet

Edit: @Kees
Thanks dude.


Kees3536d ago

uhm nope :P transformers = paramount pictures

be patient...

pwnsause3536d ago

its comming once paramount also abandons the HD-DVD ship

Bubble Buddy3536d ago

we get JASON BOURNE though.

moparful993536d ago

Dont forget about fist'n the curious errr I mean fast and the furious.. damn fingers dont work right...

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UnblessedSoul3536d ago

If it's true Hd-dvd can die finally

HD DVD3536d ago

I'm already diversifying my bonds!

Blu-ray3536d ago

All your studios are belong to us

f7ss13536d ago

yes that would be nice

Joey Gladstone3536d ago

When they will be releasing Saving Private Ryan on Blu-Ray?????? I really cant wait for this great movie in high Defenition...
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

Relcom3536d ago

I want that and band of brother and i will be in Blu-ray bliss

Joey Gladstone3536d ago

I swear I was just watching the Whole War movie day they had on Television last night (Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, We Were Soldiers lol).........any of these movies in high def and playing on my 5.1 system will make me a very happy person ..
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

Arkham3536d ago

Read the article, and the scan linked within. This blogger is just making assumptions based on the news we've already heard in January.

This isn't an announcement from Universal about going Blu-ray. This story really shouldn't be approved.

I'm sure Universal will make the announcement soon, but this blog post is just jumping the gun.