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Submitted by Chrono 1215d ago | news

Survey reveals 40 per cent of teens own an iPhone – is this the end for Vita and 3DS?

Investment bank and asset management firm Piper Jaffray has released the results from a recent survey of over 7,700 American teens, revealing that 40 per cent of those surveyed own an iPhone. (3DS, Industry, iPad, iPhone, Mobile, PS Vita)

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Muffins1223  +   1215d ago
Hopefully not ;c I have a iphone and i have a vita
Blastoise  +   1215d ago
Ofcourse its not. Iphone is a phone, a popular phone. Lots of people are going to have them. Where as Vita and 3DS are dedicated gaming devices, so gamers will buy them.

It's like saying Consoles are going to die out because so many people have PC's. How many people use them to play games?
guitarded77  +   1215d ago
Apple dropping/losing Google support will bite them in the ass soon enough. An iPhone just doesn't have the feature set of a dedicated handheld.
Kevin ButIer  +   1214d ago
Just wait for Vita Gaikai integration...
da_2pacalypse  +   1214d ago
People who who use their iphones for gaming purposes are 9 times out of 10 not a gamer... They play casual games on their phone when they have a chance, that doesn't mean they would otherwise spend the money on a portable device. They're different markets. They shouldn't be compared IMO.
EeJLP-  +   1214d ago
Dumb articles still equating iPhone to Smartphone?

They're not aware Androids outsell iPhones? And play the same/similar games? How would iPhones be a potential cause when Androids sell over 4x as many units?

Recent worldwide figures:

— Android (Google Inc.) — 104.8 million units, 68.1 percent share (46.9 percent a year earlier)

— iOS (Apple Inc.'s iPhone) — 26.0 million units, 16.9 percent share (18.8 percent a year earlier)

— BlackBerry (Research in Motion Ltd.) — 7.4 million units, 4.8 percent share (11.5 percent a year earlier)

— Symbian (mostly used by Nokia Corp.) — 6.8 million units, 4.4 percent share (16.9 percent a year earlier)

— Windows (Microsoft Corp.) — 5.4 million units, 3.5 percent share (2.3 percent a year earlier)

— Linux — 3.5 million units, 2.3 percent share (3.0 percent a year earlier)

— Others — 0.1 million units, 0.1 percent share (0.5 percent a year earlier)

Are they also not aware that physical buttons > no buttons when it comes to gaming?
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jujubee88  +   1215d ago

Me too. :)

I'm surprised the percentage for smartphone/tablets is not larger. Considering there are android devices, that number should actually fill up to over 50%.

It is not the end for anything so I would not take anything written to the contrary seriously.

Realistically speaking, no one is going to take away your handheld from you and there will still be strong demand for handhelds in the US, EU and certainly from Japan for years to come.
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metroid32  +   1215d ago
well with only 2 million vitas worldwide you are 1 of a very few that has a vita i have a 3DS and a samsung abdroid that will do me might get the Kindle tablet as its powerful and worth the money.

When the 3ds isnt selling 20 million a year then we can look at wether its killing 3ds sales but at present the 3ds is selling faster than iphone 5 isnt it the Vita isnt under threat its lost out to iphone and 3ds.
frelyler  +   1215d ago
2 million = very few? I don't get it.
dedicatedtogamers  +   1215d ago
Surveys are only as good as the surveyor.

For instance, how was this survey conducted? Was it online-only? Was it on Facebook? Online is a big part of smartphones (especially Facebook) but not so much on Vita and 3DS.

7,700 is an incredibly TINY sample size. How were these people picked?

And lastly, the survey revealed 40 percent of teens own an iPhone, but it did NOT reveal how many percent own a Vita/3DS. And it didn't reveal - out of those 40 percent - how many ALSO own a Vita and/or 3DS.

Basically, it's yet another nonsensical "smartphones are taking over!!!" article with zero pertinent information.
360ICE  +   1215d ago
Ah, you have an iPhone and a Vita. I'll call Sony and tell them the Vita is totally safe then.


No, but I have a Vita and not and iPhone. So 2 - 1 to Vita counting by us two. That must mean that 80% of teens have Vita.
xursz  +   1215d ago
Make that 3 - 1 , I have a Vita no iphone. 18 y.o.

n4f  +   1214d ago
4-1 i dont have a vita but i dont like iphone- the enemy of my enemy is my friend

but im planing on buying it when soul sacrifice release
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Highlife  +   1215d ago
when are teens going to learn that there are far better phones out there. Non removable battery, no sd-card slot, proprietary crap, apple maps (don't get lost). I think that dedicated handhelds will die out. I don't want them to but i think that is the way it is going to go. I think Sony finally realized that by buying Gaikai (or what ever it is called)to stream games to the phone. If all you have to do is cary a small controller or maybe a colapsable one that would do it.
Kamikaze135  +   1215d ago
They make it seem like each and every one of those teens bought an iPhone to use as a gaming device instead of a Vita or 3DS.
ElementX  +   1215d ago
Teens continue to prove they still don't know what's best for them.
Batzi  +   1215d ago
99% of those 40% bought the iPhone to probably show off. This article is irrelevant. Gaming on Vita and 3DS is far better than any smartphone out there.
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jc48573  +   1215d ago
i got an iphone. a phone is just a phone to me.
Snookies12  +   1215d ago
Lol, except from what I've experienced, the iPhone can do everything except make a decent phone call. XD
Batzi  +   1215d ago
but do you use it for games? would you choose an iPhone over a Vita/3DS?
jc48573  +   1215d ago
I have played street fighter 4 before. It was ok. Phone is always a phone to me in the end. Just more icons and all, but it will always remind you of a phone. I play my games on any gaming console. Will smartphones replace them? No way.
n4f  +   1214d ago
oh I though there was an app for that!
C L O U D  +   1215d ago
Only games I play on my iPhone are the RPG's ... currently playing Chrono Trigger :)
caseh  +   1215d ago
Same, but Final Fantasy 3 for me. Try playing something like Street Fighter on a touch screen. Laughable experience. :)
SandWitch  +   1215d ago
99,99% of console owners also owns a PC. Is this the end of consoles?
GhostMLD   1215d ago | Spam
profgerbik  +   1215d ago
Shouldn't that be the other way around? Considering everything that we use today all came from PC based components?
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abzdine  +   1215d ago | Funny
100% of human being have pants, is it the end of shorts ? :)
Gen0ne  +   1215d ago
shammgod  +   1215d ago
These articles are getting old. Apples to oranges people
blue_cheese  +   1215d ago
imo i think it'd would be far better for the customer of technology to be able to own smart phones without having to buy a gaming device separately to play good mobile games. its a shame sony and nintendo don't make their games available on the marketplace for android and iphone. i know people are going to disagree, but one reason i do not own a vita or ds is because to me its simply a gaming device, i can't make calls, or any of the other phone related features plus my phone already can surf the web, video chat, and play a decent amount of alright games. really wish sony and nintendo would just make their games available instead of forcing something on gamers like the vita just to play great games. the market is already out there with smartphones why not just make the games available?
DragonKnight  +   1215d ago
those phones likely wouldn't have games on them if not for the roads paved by gaming devices like the gameboy. being able to make calls is for phones, not for gaming devices.
blue_cheese  +   1215d ago
nobody said portable gaming devices didn't have an point was it seems asinine that people would rather carry around multiple pieces of technology that do different things like a phone and vita/3ds, rather than having the choice of owning a smartphone that could play sony or nintendo games?? i think its pretty hardheaded of both companies to force their own hardware when the market and platforms are already there to the consumer. everyone seems to have a smartphone these days, i can't say the same for a DS or vita. especially when you have such idiotic games like angry birds selling like hot cakes, what would a game like Pokemon Black and White 2 do on the iphone and android, ill bet extremely well.
DragonKnight  +   1215d ago
It's not hard headed of these companies to want to push their own hardware. For one, it's smart business to want a platform you have complete control over and get the most profit from. And secondly, these gaming platforms have been around for a very long time so why should they just up and vanish because SOME people think it's stupid to have a dedicated gaming device? Phones are never going to be as precise for gaming purposes as a device dedicated to gaming. That's just a fact. The controls will never be there nor will the battery life.
Areagon  +   1214d ago
ps3 and xbox360 are simply gaming devices. pc can make calls(skype), surf the web, video chat, play decent games with better grapic. then why most ppl are still playing console games?(im a pc gamer) If sony makes a console quality game for smartphone, it will be at least 40 bucks or 30. are u gonna to play a 40 bucks game without real buttons and how many smartphone users are used to 99-cent games?
Vanfernal  +   1215d ago
The most annoying part about buying an iPhone is that contract you sign that says that you CAN'T buy a handheld gaming device afterwards. Because we all know people CANNOT have and iPhone AND a Vita or 3DS. -_-
ChunkyLover53  +   1215d ago
I would say smartphones will cut into handheld sales a bit, but there is still going to be a market for dedicated handhelds. As long as the quality of games in handhelds is so much superior, they will be fine.
AusRogo  +   1215d ago
Just, what? One is a PHONE, the other 2 are portable GAME systems. Of course more teenagers are going to have an iPhone.. ** doubt any of them bought an iPhone for games..
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ApolloAdams  +   1215d ago
Mobile phones are the driver of gaming revenue now. It is no where near then end put as phones eclipse dedicated handhelds then I can say that they will be on the decline.

I personally think Vita is Sony last dedicated handheld and will use the Xperia line as their gaming platform.
maniac76  +   1215d ago
Gone are the days where it just plays games,now kids want multi function platform,along with its games,apps and phone function. Nintendo phone hurry up rofl
jay2  +   1215d ago
No, it's predominantly a phone, and bloody overpriced as usual with Apple products.
mochachino  +   1215d ago
iPhone and G3s are similarly priced/over priced. In fact most smart phones off of a contract are overpriced.
Highlife  +   1215d ago
Actually the Iphone off contract starts at 649 for 16 gig and GS3 is 499 for 16.
Der_Kommandant  +   1215d ago
This generation sucks
GraveLord  +   1215d ago
How many of these teens actually play games on their phones? Real Games. I'm not talking Temple Run or Angry Birds. Those are time wasters.

Anyone who considers themselves a gamer will get a 3DS or a Vita. Hardcore gamers will get both.
InTheLab  +   1215d ago
All that means is that 3000 kids take s***y pictures when the sun is out...
Gamesgbkiller  +   1215d ago
its a phone .. so its not just for gaming
mochachino  +   1215d ago
Some games work great on iPhone/Android (golf, old school RPGs, puzzle/board/card games) but anything that requires precise and quick movements won't (action, platformers, shooters).
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Ulf  +   1215d ago
If iPhone is so awesome with the gaming, and its been out nearly as long as the DS & PSP, where are the great games?
godofboobees  +   1215d ago
Stop comparing the iphone to a GAMING device.
Monoforce  +   1215d ago
I find it strange that the iPhone is being compared to handheld gaming devices. Really, it's more interesting than irritating. It seems like people who normally would not be interested in gaming see the iPhone as a gaming platform; because to them, it is one.

It's not going to affect the sales of the 3DS and Vita. Gamers will buy those devices, while people who want a smartphone will buy a smartphone. iPhone games are for when you're killing five minutes waiting for your friend to show up at the theatre, while handheld gaming devices are for actual gaming.

The gaming aspects of these devices may overlap a little (and many of the features), but they're not real competition for each other.
Dits  +   1215d ago
99% of people in the world own an oven! does this mean the end of restaurants???
ginsunuva  +   1215d ago
If iphone percentage among teens >= 40%:
then vita and 3ds = doomed
LNDCalling  +   1215d ago
40% of these statistics are made up.. they probably tried to only ask people who looked like they were holding an iPhone and still got it wrong 60% of the time lol!

Android is still dominating the smartphone arena despite what the media try to make punters believe:-

And on topic.. WTF has this got to do with the Vita or indeed any other dedicated handheld gaming device?!?!?
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Veni Vidi Vici  +   1215d ago
I still think Sony should have incorporated a phone into their Vita. It's a little bigger than a normal phone but I think the Galaxy Note is proving that people don't mind if their phone is a little big if it allows them to do more.

At least offer two forms of Vita. A phone version(would obviously cost more due to hardware costs) that has a discount if they sign up for a phone contract and a plain gaming Vita- just like what they have now.
DragonKnight  +   1215d ago
These studies always seem to leave out to major factors. That being that 1. These teenagers likely have their parents buying these phones for them, and 2. The contracts these phones have make it possible for the phone to be cheaper and paid for in payments than paying a one time price for a dedicated gaming device. Convenience and cost always trump all other factors.
CRASHBASHUK  +   1215d ago
and 60% are android?
linkenski  +   1215d ago
I own an iPhone AND a 3DS. :P
Possibly there could be up to 10 or more percent of these people that are like me.
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