Survey reveals 40 per cent of teens own an iPhone – is this the end for Vita and 3DS?

Investment bank and asset management firm Piper Jaffray has released the results from a recent survey of over 7,700 American teens, revealing that 40 per cent of those surveyed own an iPhone.

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Muffins12232017d ago

Hopefully not ;c I have a iphone and i have a vita

Blastoise2016d ago

Ofcourse its not. Iphone is a phone, a popular phone. Lots of people are going to have them. Where as Vita and 3DS are dedicated gaming devices, so gamers will buy them.

It's like saying Consoles are going to die out because so many people have PC's. How many people use them to play games?

guitarded772016d ago

Apple dropping/losing Google support will bite them in the ass soon enough. An iPhone just doesn't have the feature set of a dedicated handheld.

Kevin ButIer2016d ago

Just wait for Vita Gaikai integration...

da_2pacalypse2016d ago

People who who use their iphones for gaming purposes are 9 times out of 10 not a gamer... They play casual games on their phone when they have a chance, that doesn't mean they would otherwise spend the money on a portable device. They're different markets. They shouldn't be compared IMO.

EeJLP-2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Dumb articles still equating iPhone to Smartphone?

They're not aware Androids outsell iPhones? And play the same/similar games? How would iPhones be a potential cause when Androids sell over 4x as many units?

Recent worldwide figures:

— Android (Google Inc.) — 104.8 million units, 68.1 percent share (46.9 percent a year earlier)

— iOS (Apple Inc.'s iPhone) — 26.0 million units, 16.9 percent share (18.8 percent a year earlier)

— BlackBerry (Research in Motion Ltd.) — 7.4 million units, 4.8 percent share (11.5 percent a year earlier)

— Symbian (mostly used by Nokia Corp.) — 6.8 million units, 4.4 percent share (16.9 percent a year earlier)

— Windows (Microsoft Corp.) — 5.4 million units, 3.5 percent share (2.3 percent a year earlier)

— Linux — 3.5 million units, 2.3 percent share (3.0 percent a year earlier)

— Others — 0.1 million units, 0.1 percent share (0.5 percent a year earlier)

Are they also not aware that physical buttons > no buttons when it comes to gaming?

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jujubee882016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )


Me too. :)

I'm surprised the percentage for smartphone/tablets is not larger. Considering there are android devices, that number should actually fill up to over 50%.

It is not the end for anything so I would not take anything written to the contrary seriously.

Realistically speaking, no one is going to take away your handheld from you and there will still be strong demand for handhelds in the US, EU and certainly from Japan for years to come.

metroid322016d ago

well with only 2 million vitas worldwide you are 1 of a very few that has a vita i have a 3DS and a samsung abdroid that will do me might get the Kindle tablet as its powerful and worth the money.

When the 3ds isnt selling 20 million a year then we can look at wether its killing 3ds sales but at present the 3ds is selling faster than iphone 5 isnt it the Vita isnt under threat its lost out to iphone and 3ds.

frelyler2016d ago

2 million = very few? I don't get it.

dedicatedtogamers2016d ago

Surveys are only as good as the surveyor.

For instance, how was this survey conducted? Was it online-only? Was it on Facebook? Online is a big part of smartphones (especially Facebook) but not so much on Vita and 3DS.

7,700 is an incredibly TINY sample size. How were these people picked?

And lastly, the survey revealed 40 percent of teens own an iPhone, but it did NOT reveal how many percent own a Vita/3DS. And it didn't reveal - out of those 40 percent - how many ALSO own a Vita and/or 3DS.

Basically, it's yet another nonsensical "smartphones are taking over!!!" article with zero pertinent information.

360ICE2016d ago

Ah, you have an iPhone and a Vita. I'll call Sony and tell them the Vita is totally safe then.


No, but I have a Vita and not and iPhone. So 2 - 1 to Vita counting by us two. That must mean that 80% of teens have Vita.

xursz2016d ago

Make that 3 - 1 , I have a Vita no iphone. 18 y.o.


n4f2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

4-1 i dont have a vita but i dont like iphone- the enemy of my enemy is my friend

but im planing on buying it when soul sacrifice release

Highlife2016d ago

when are teens going to learn that there are far better phones out there. Non removable battery, no sd-card slot, proprietary crap, apple maps (don't get lost). I think that dedicated handhelds will die out. I don't want them to but i think that is the way it is going to go. I think Sony finally realized that by buying Gaikai (or what ever it is called)to stream games to the phone. If all you have to do is cary a small controller or maybe a colapsable one that would do it.

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Kamikaze1352017d ago

They make it seem like each and every one of those teens bought an iPhone to use as a gaming device instead of a Vita or 3DS.

ElementX2017d ago

Teens continue to prove they still don't know what's best for them.

Batzi2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

99% of those 40% bought the iPhone to probably show off. This article is irrelevant. Gaming on Vita and 3DS is far better than any smartphone out there.

jc485732017d ago

i got an iphone. a phone is just a phone to me.

Snookies122017d ago

Lol, except from what I've experienced, the iPhone can do everything except make a decent phone call. XD

Batzi2017d ago

but do you use it for games? would you choose an iPhone over a Vita/3DS?

jc485732017d ago

I have played street fighter 4 before. It was ok. Phone is always a phone to me in the end. Just more icons and all, but it will always remind you of a phone. I play my games on any gaming console. Will smartphones replace them? No way.

n4f2016d ago

oh I though there was an app for that!

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C L O U D2017d ago

Only games I play on my iPhone are the RPG's ... currently playing Chrono Trigger :)

caseh2016d ago

Same, but Final Fantasy 3 for me. Try playing something like Street Fighter on a touch screen. Laughable experience. :)