Sony's HMZ Virtual Reality Headset Impression - RPG Land

"My sweet spot for viewing the screens was in a position that, because
of the shape of my face, head, and nose, was impossible for the device
to maintain on its own. Since a controller needs to be used to actually play the game, you can’t hold the picture in your sweet spot yourself, binocular-style. The weight of the device caused it to slump forward on my face, permanently blurring the edges of my display." -Janelle of RPG Land

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dbjj120881931d ago

Definitely looks cool. I'm a sucker for bleeding edge tech too.

plmkoh1931d ago

I have the T1, worth every penny I say, makes games that much more interactive.

knifefight1931d ago

Sounds like it makes the games pretty interesting, but the part about the nosepiece-induced headache is concerning o_O Kotaku said the same thing about HMZ.

kostchtchie_1931d ago

now i can watch porn without anyone knowing...excellent :P

knifefight1930d ago

So long as you're not giving off any certain OTHER signals, that is ;)

Beastforlifenoob1930d ago

Next addition to porn sites
Virtual reality!!! xD

kostchtchie_1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

wouldn't that be something :P

virtual porn stars in your own room...ha ha


nice, thanks man for the link

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