Sharkyextreme: Phenom 9600 Black Edition Review

Sharkyextreme writes:

"Overall, the Phenom 9600 Black Edition is a very attractive product for those seeking an AMD processor. At a default 2.3 GHz clock, it already matches the fastest Phenom quad core on the market, and with a potential 2.6 GHz overclock, the Phenom 9600 BE approximates the performance of the upcoming Phenom 9900. The AM2 upgrade options also look more promising than they did in late-2007, and the motherboard BIOS updates have improved considerably, making the Phenom a viable upgrade path. Then again, for new performance system buyers, Intel still offers more at the high-end, although you will have to pay for it."

- Unlocked overclocking for free
- AM2 upgrade path
- Low price

- 2.6 GHz max overclock
- Higher OC thermal and power requirements

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