6 Franchises That Flew and Flopped

Chris Selogy of Gamer 2.0 writes, "While becoming a franchise is the ultimate goal of any new IP, its developer always has the important task of walking the fine line between staying familiar to its roots and evolving the series' gameplay. One route has the sequel staying largely the same, with some minor improvements that help it feel a bit more fresh and comforting.

That usually only works for so long, so developers must take the other route, which is to take the series in a new direction by reinvigorating the game in all aspects. Like all things in the gaming world, taking a franchise in new direction brings about much controversy amongst its fans that can alienate as many as it pleases. Sometimes one group is right and other times the other group is right, so we've gathered a few of the bigger titles that occupy each realm of success and failure."

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AnthonyPerez3542d ago

I'm sure for many, including myself, the most painful one listed is Sonic. It was such a great 2D series and the folly of endless Sega blusters. The series has never been the same for me.

FilippoDinolfo3541d ago

I have to agree with Sonic, but at the same time it only takes one good game to get the series back on track. We haven't seen that good game yet. Hopefully we will in the not too distant future. Oddly, the best game featuring Sonic to date isn't even made by Sega. That game is SSBB by the way, maybe that's all Sonic needs to turn himself around.

AmpedMan3541d ago

The transition from 2D to 3D seems to have hurt many titles. Sonic is one of these IMO. It's near impossible to get the crazy-out of control (yet able to adapt) feeling with Sonic in 3D. You could fly through levels in platformers like Sonic because you could only go forward, back, up and down, with 3D, it's too easy to get utterly lost and you need to slow down and take a look at things to get to a goal. Mario is one of those franchises that adapted by changing the game almost entirely. Still a platformer, it was redesigned to accomodate the fact that you need to stop and look around, etc. Plus, the controls were polished to a shine.

AnthonyPerez3541d ago

I'm just going to put it out there. Some kind of ingenious mix of 2D and 3D platforming would revive Sonic. Cut out a bunch of the characters and stick to just 3 or 4 basic characters. Start fresh and build from there.

That's my suggestion.

kevoncox3541d ago

2d only.
Why do people thin a 2D game cannot be beautiful. I would love to see a 2d version of Streets of Rage, Fatal Fury and Sonic. Why are developers trying to force everything in 3d. I don't need that. I just want an amazingly good Sonic game.

AnthonyPerez3541d ago

I have to give you a bubble just because you mentioned Streets of Rage. I'd kill for another GOOD Streets of Rage. If they messed it up, I'd be pissed.

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ban fans3542d ago

but I think Burnout is a little young to be called successful franchise. Compared to the others listed, it just hasn't been around long enough to be matched with the others.

Amadeo3542d ago

I don't know if I agree with you there ban fans. Burnout is a pretty established franchise at this point. It's at what? Five majaor releases already? And then you have the offshoots like Dominator and Legends. I think Burnout is most definitely a franchise at this point. Halo is a franchise and only has three games, why would Burnout be excluded from such treatment?

AnthonyPerez3541d ago

I've got to agree that Burnout is most definitely a franchise at this point.

AlexQuevedo3541d ago

Yeah, I'll have go with considering Burnout a franchise. The free roam change was huge and I absolutely love it. There's so much freedom to the game

Robocod3541d ago

This still has plenty potential if a dev would only go back to its roots in the first game and build on making up to date game mechanics and gameplay. Stop having characters leaving the cars and concentrate on solid level design. Add a some multiplayer madness and we have the basis of a classic.

AnthonyPerez3541d ago

I hated the on foot action; it was atrocious. Absolutely atrocious. It tried too much to be like GTA rather than zone in on its niche. It kind of reminds me of Kingdom Under Fire becoming a third person button mashing slasher in Circle of Doom.

Robocod3541d ago

Totally agree. Driver 2 was passable but Driv3r was absolute monkey jizzel on toast. It was awful so bad i didnt bother even looking into parrallel lines.

Still i think a decent dev team with a vision to kep it true to the original could make a 360/PS3 classic.

DraconWolfX3541d ago

Why does everyone think Sonic failed in the 2d to 3d transition? Sonic Adventure 1&2 were both good games. The more recent 3d Sonic games weren't very good but that doesn't take anything away from the Dreamcast games.

HowarthsNJ3541d ago

I enjoyed even those versions. The 2D and 3D games have to be thought of as separate things. They are different experiences.

AlexQuevedo3541d ago

I'll also agree with the point in the article that Tomb Raider Legend really put a lot of life back into the series. I didn't dig Anniversary too much, but the new game looks great from what I've seen

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