Zombie Fan? MMO Fan? Check Out The War Z

Brett writes - "Many of you have probably heard about the extremely popular mod of ArmA II called DayZ. The basic jist is you’re a survivor trying to…survive while fending off your fellow human players and zombies. While it’s fun, there’s not really any kind of objective to it. Enter The War Z, a game developed by startup Hammerpoint Interactive."

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ThanatosDMC1889d ago

WarZ will have micro transactions??? Did not know that... Passes, stronghold server, and in-game currency.

Anyway, here's Frankie's DayZ gameplay vids

calibann1889d ago

This is an article about The War Z. Why are you linking Day Z?

ThanatosDMC1888d ago

They're in direct competition with each other. WarZ is targeting DayZ players.

calibann1888d ago

Not really, The developers of Day Z are making literally no money from it. It's no loss to them if everyone starts playing War Z.

ATi_Elite1889d ago

So far from what I've seen of WarZ i am NOT impressed.

I actually have laughed at many gameplay videos of WarZ cause the gameplay shown was juts NOT good at all.

I know it's still early and a lot can change but so far DayZ is just so much better and a really tough act to follow.

hkgamer1889d ago

havent played any of them yet, but WarZ's concept seems to be better. well that is just the concept, if itactually works is another thing.
no point playing the game if no one else is interested init. last thing you want in a mmo type game is a dead community after a short period of time

kostchtchie_1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

but you were impressed by day z twitch zombies that run ultra speeds along with there one hit break a leg bullshit?, hell you dont even need get hit by zombie just vault over fence and get leg broken, the deathmatch gameplay it turned into? and why loads people ditched the game to go on private hives, vehicles that if you roll forward in them and tap barrier your car blows up

day z was fun in the beginning, but after putting endless hours into it, the game is crap, the zombies are pathetic and vehicles and deathmatch are a joke, but it is something that rocket can build on along with others in the genre

war z is already doing stuff better, the mood, the weapons, took what day z started and has built on that and is doing well evolving into good zombie game

ATi_Elite1889d ago

Yes i was impressed with all of that cause those ultra fast twitch Zombies are pretty competitive to shoot unlike the Ultra SLOW moving targets in WarZ.

DayZ vehicles are nice and need lots of care to maintain WHICH is exactly how a vehicle should be that you just "Frankensteined" together.

Deathmatch Gameplay...wah wah sounds like someone has NO skills to compete with real gamers. DayZ is NO Picnic or cakewalk and if you dont take DayZ seriously then yeah you will DIE really easily.

That's the wonderful thing about's NOT EASY!

I love DayZ and it's only getting better with EVER changing gameplay and additions. On the other hand what I've seen of WarZ is just not the quality of a DayZ. WarZ means well but comes up very short.

COD Zombie mode MMO mod > WarZ

theEx1Le1887d ago

I have to say, while I love dayz your reasoning for the deathmatch gameplay is lame. Yes the game is unforgiving but the mechanics are broken. If you were there near the start then you would know exactly what i mean (not saying you weren't, just you would understand). The next thing is the updates, there hasn't been any and there will most likely be only one more before standalone if we are lucky.

Sure your judgement of the warz might be right but you can't really make one based on the staged release videos can you? Lucky we only have to wait 2 days to see eh.