Daily Reaction: What Do PS3 Games on Mobile, PC and TV Really Mean?

As news regarding Sony’s future plans on how they are planning to use their recently acquired Cloud service Gaikai emerges, the Daily Reaction duo of Dan Oravasaari and Sebastian Moss weigh up the issue. Having spoken about Gaikai before, we discuss just what it means for Sony to open up their IPs across new platforms, and the future of their products as a whole.

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doctorstrange1659d ago

My ISP getting annoyed that I'm downloading too much again.

kingPoS1659d ago

They should expect it!!! especially since alot of services are now within the digital realm.

knifefight1659d ago

One step closer to PlayStation 9.

aquamala1659d ago

It means you don't need you a PS3 to play ps3 games, it's the end of powerful consoles

izumo_lee1659d ago

It is just a way for Sony to expand their Playstation brand to more people other than the hardcore fans. To have their IPs as recognizable as Mario or Halo or Angry Birds even.

The Playstation brand is becoming the main focal point for Sony, no longer are their TVs being the companies main focus which is the right way to go for them at this point.

kingPoS1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

It's strange... I try to think of Sony without a connection to video games, and... I can't! It's like trying to picture Nintendo manufacturing hdtv sets or mobile phones. lol

doctorstrange1659d ago

They used to make playing cards

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The story is too old to be commented.