Turok Review: Gamer 2.0 Says 7.4

Alex Quevedo of Gamer 2.0 writes: "He's standing right there. Who is he? A Mendel-Gruman soldier, completely unaware of your presence. You're packing a shotgun and a pulse rifle you picked up from a fallen enemy, but you decided to take care of him silently, so you turn to your bow. Just as you set up for the kill, some noise comes from the jungle cover and out pops a vicious raptor. As the raptor attempts to shred apart the solider, other MGs open fire on the beast. You just got an advantage, because now you can use the shotgun's flare to lure the beast towards your enemies and have it kill them, giving you the chance to kill the raptor simply with your knife. That is one of the many situations you could get yourself into in Turok, but unfortunately, it doesn't quite get as exciting as it could.

So while this Turok may not be of the same quality of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter on the Nintendo 64, but it will leave you will an enjoyable experience. Still, dinosaur throat-slitting can only go so far, and that along with some other cool features isn't enough to warrant a definitive purchase. It is worth your time, however, so give it a shot if you can."

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