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Submitted by stevivor 1216d ago | preview

Preview: Sony’s HMZ-T2 Personal 3D Viewer with God of War: Ascension |

Previewer Greg Newbegin writes, "On the TGS show floor, I was able to play the same demo that of God of War: Ascension was shown at E3 earlier in the year — and, that Trent had a chance to experience at EB Expo. In general, I would not have worried too much about getting my hands on God of War because – let’s face it, we’ve played it all before. However, at TGS, the ability to play God of War: Ascension also represented a chance to test out Sony’s Personal 3D Viewer, the HMZ-T2, so I jumped in line." (Culture, God of War: Ascension, Industry, PS3, Tech)

Masane   1217d ago | Spam
Axecution  +   1216d ago
Here i'll sum up the article

"I needed assistance for the complicated headset and the screens look like screens. Also the quick time event buttons being on the sides of the screen confused me since they are complicated and i clearly haven't played God of War 3. Also Kratos has the power to control damage and even though i don't know the story yet, it seems dumb because it's dumb and kratos isn't magic and it's unrealistic and dumb. Everything sucks. :("
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Shadowolf  +   1216d ago
Lol! That is hilarious :-)
DasBunker  +   1216d ago
I went to see if this paragraph was really in the article.. it was worse; poorly written garbage.

"Where this power came from and why Kratos can do this was not explained in the demo, but I’m confused as to its place in the series. It just didn’t sit right with me. Kratos is no magician"

Yeah it's not like Kratos has ever found items that grant him magic-like abilities... seems like he has never played a God of war game.
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HammadTheBeast  +   1215d ago | Funny
Alcohog  +   1215d ago
lol; touche.
Bathyj  +   1216d ago
I dont know why people expect a franchise thats been well established to drastically change its gameplay.

We've seen what happens when they do that. Its called Resident Evil 6 and it sucks balls.

Most franchises are a refinement of the gameplay you enjoyed in the first place. I mean it makes sense the people who like the previous ones would be the ones lining up to play a sequel (or prequel). Drastic retooling just alienates your fanbase.

Admittedly, new things should be added so the franchise doesnt become stale, but stale is not an adjective I've ever heard used to describe God of War.
ElitaStorm  +   1215d ago
peter molyneux said that he wanted to see kratos destroy universes in God of War Ascension after killing all the gods and titans in GOW III

we all know that Ascension is a prequel but that is what some ppl want to see, something bigger
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AusRogo  +   1216d ago
Don't bother clicking, just some bloke whining how God of War isn't new/fresh and just nit picking.
KonaBro  +   1216d ago
Horrible preview.
Irrelevant author. Never submit anything again to N4G.
DiRtY  +   1216d ago
The 3D viewer will be such a flop.

Some reasons it will fail:

- No social aspect at all. It is 1 person only.
- It is expensive
- You can't do anything else while using it. I mean, how the hell do you want to eat candy / snacks with that thing? You can't even see where the candy / snacks are! (And sports / gaming / movies without candy / snacks are just wrong!)
- 3D turned out to be not a big seller for 2 years now.
- It looks just stupid.
LightofDarkness  +   1216d ago
"- You can't do anything else while using it. I mean, how the hell do you want to eat candy / snacks with that thing? You can't even see where the candy / snacks are! (And sports / gaming / movies without candy / snacks are just wrong!) "

Where does this come from? I don't eat incessantly, nor do I feel inclined to, and certainly not just junk snacks or candy. Is this how so many gamers end up overweight? If I need anything, I take a break: go get some water, have my lunch/dinner/whatever, etc. I don't just sit there throwing back Cheetos and Sour Patch Kids while chugging Powerthirst. I don't really find the idea of diabetes attractive.

The HMZ may well fail, but it will be because of it's niche/enthusiast appeal, and because devices like the ludicrously expensive Occulus Rift are promising so much more that the technology has a long way to go before it's ready for the masses. As many have stated before, it doesn't offer a "VR" experience; it's more like sitting in a movie theatre with a massive screen in front of you. That's enough for me to buy one (if I had the disposable income), but if people were hoping for a VR experience, it won't be found here.
DiRtY  +   1216d ago
You can thing too far.

so never had popcorn during a movie? No Nachos? No coke? Well nothing you can grab and eat at all. Because now you have to pause the action, eat popcorn and unpause the action again.

It is just not comfortable and yes, it is an issue for 95% of the consumers.
Baka-akaB  +   1215d ago
Did you even read the article ? Yes i agree that it will fail , and i doubt it was made with mass market in mind anyway .

However one of the complaint is precisely how it's not a VR set , and you can still see around . It just emulate a big screen in front of you and doesnt cut you from the world .

So yeah you can get your soda and popcorns
Knushwood Butt  +   1215d ago
No social aspect?

plmkoh  +   1215d ago
Typical comment from someone who hasn't tried it.

Let me give you a run down because I actually own the old model and am a very satisfied owner.

- Not correct, it has a secondary video out on the splitter box that can be hooked to separate TV/Monitor anyone can watch what you're watching/playing.

- Nope, if you don't attach the light blockers you can see down below and slightly to the sides of device, easy enough to take a sip from a straw.

- Expensive as opposed to what? You get what you pay for: the latest technology with dual HD OLED screens. Not everything has to be ricky dink dirt cheap made in China.

- No, but that doesn't stop you from enjoying the cheapest possible 2D OLED big screen experience.

- I thought there was no 'social aspect' to it, what do you care in your home?

And no this will not 'fail' since the sole reason of releasing version 2 of this device is because it was popular enough in it's niche market (only one of its class) that Sony thought they'd address the complaints by fans of the old model.
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GTRrocker666  +   1214d ago
How is it with FPS games? Is it more emersive than a regular Tv? I want a VR headset but there isnt one available for Ps3. This is the next best thing.
SilentNegotiator  +   1215d ago
"No social aspect at all. It is 1 person only"
Yeah, it's not like online multiplayer has nearly completely taken over or anything anyway....right?

"You can't do anything else while using it. I mean, how the hell do you want to eat candy / snacks with that thing?"
'I have an inner ear problem, off-eh-cer. That's why I can't find my own face'

"3D turned out to be not a big seller for 2 years now"
It's in 90% of high end TVs. It's not a big seller by what standards? The same way HDTVs weren't big sellers when they first hit the consumer market?
Axecution  +   1215d ago
Personally, im incredibly interested in the 3D headset. Though i'd much rather it fill my entire field of view than just 2 squares.

But then again it's not like our vision is square, and it's not like screens are the same shape as our field of vision.

I also dont care if i cant eat popcorn and chips. lmao "IM NOT BUYING THE 3D HEADSET CAUSE I CANT EAT POPCORN THIS IS BS"

The HDMI cable coming out of your head is the biggest turn-off for me though.
I suppose Wireless HDMI does exist but... i dont know i guess i should look into that.
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