Microsoft, You Stripped Rare Of Its Soul, Talent, and Great Developers, It's Time To Let Them Go

By: Furious Francis - Owner & Editor In Chief

A lot of you guys might be too young to remember, but at one point Rare used to be the Retro or Naughty Dog of the gaming industry. Rare made classics on the Super Nintendo like Donkey Kong Country and Killer Instinct. Innovative, moving, and graphically superior to 99% of the other SNES games. Rare defined the mid 90's for graphically enhanced Super Nintendo Games.

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Blankman852176d ago

RARE stories always make it to the top here and that's why they'll keep coming.
I don't mind the articles, they keep Those We Do Not Speak Of happy and distracted.

Theyellowflash302176d ago

I loved Rare growing up, what Microsoft did to them is horrible and should be written about a million times.

Dr_Salvitor2176d ago

yeah i die a little inside every time i think about it. good thing the people who left are trying to form together and make good games like the real spiritual successor to banjo.

iamnsuperman2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

What happened to Rare is bad but an article about Microsoft letting rare go is dumb. Rare have/are made/making profitable games for Microsoft so why would Microsoft let them go.

2175d ago
SilentNegotiator2175d ago

Too many people blame employees leaving the studio, but Kameo proved that Rare had some of their charm and good design still around at the turn of the generation.

And BK: Nuts and Bolts probably never would have been a racer if MS had not been pushing XBL on the studio. And then they pushed Kinect on the studio and that was the end of it. The talent that showed itself in very early 360 titles was buried in gimmicks and forced multiplayer.

NewMonday2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

Kameo was a game by Rare with very big potential

unfortunately Kinect happened

Eyeco2175d ago

Microsoft bought Rare for 300 million have they actually made any game that was worthy of their price tag ?

Highlife2175d ago

What's the point. Rare isn't Rare anymore anyway.

wastedcells2175d ago

True, something must be wrong there.. Rare, Bungie, Bizarre and ensemble just to name a few of the top all either left, shut down or failed miserably years after Microsoft got their hands on them. wonder why?

fei-hung2175d ago

Questions for those who gave a 360:

1) would you prefer if Rare developed games like they did on the N64 as supposed to what they gave developed under MS?

2) do you hold MS or Rare accountable for a lack of quality titles that were developed by Rare on the N64?

3) do you think Rare developing titles like they did on the N64 would have performed better or worse than those now?

4) would MS and or Rare been better of with those titles or their current titles under MS?

Sitdown2175d ago

If Microsoft was the downfall of RARE, why was Nintendo okay with letting them walk? Nintendo saw the writing on the wall, and Microsoft just got stuck holding the bag.

AAACE52175d ago

Most of the good people had already left rare before ms bought them. Ms just wanted their popular games and hoped there was still some talent left who could bring them back up.

Ms will probably disband rare and hand the franchises off to a different studio within 2 years.

Y_51502174d ago

@SilentNegotiator Oh yeah! Kameo was the ONLY game ever made me oh so close on making the decision to go 360!

AzaziL2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

Microsoft took the "Killer Instinct" out of em, get it?


Nah honestly, Rare could make one of the most anticipated fighting games since MK and SF, but we all know it'll never happen, RIP.

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Alos882175d ago

"Those We Do Not Speak Of"? That's an accurate title, since I have no idea who you are talking about.

SilentNegotiator2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

Because everyone with anything vaguely negative to say about the 360 is a PS3 saboteur.

I mean, how could a true 360 fan be disappointed with the direction MS took Rare?


Knight_Crawler2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

Question to the author of these article: How do you know Rare is not happier now with MS? MS pays these guys good and MS also gave these guys a huge building with lots of toys.

People think the because your not making AAA games that developers are unhappy but developers do not think like celebs and as long as they are making games and have a steady income they are happy.

Working on AAA game sis way more stressful and time consuming that working on smaller projects...Rare are happy at MS and I do not think that they would want to go on there own and have a 50% chace on failing and loosing everything.

Go watch the making of Gears of War 1, those guys were practically living at the EPIC building - I can see why Cliffy B wanted a break.

The old Rare died before MS purchased them and MS did Rare a favour because Nintendo was ready to shut them down.

Theyellowflash302174d ago

why did all of Rare's top developers leave and second guess MS everymove if they were happy with them?

Freak of Nature2175d ago

Rare stories make it to the top because people know what they "were"...

But hope burns eternal... Rare is diversifying, they are looking for 2D and 3D artists to create art for **Win 8 Mobile and Tablet devices**...

They are looking for experienced people to run online services or Free-to-play experiences....

But in the end I wish the Stamper brothers were still there and true blue old school Banjo's and Conkers were being given this gen and Next gen reboots...

Beastforlifenoob2174d ago

Funny thing is Micro payed 375MIL to Rare, everyone here is acting like Microsoft stole the company THE COMPANY SOLD ITSELF TO MICROSOFT CORPORATION FOR 375.000.000 DOLLARS NO ONE STOLE THE COMPANY CALM DOWN!!!

fermcr2174d ago

Microsoft gave Rare a couple of chances, but they simply didn't deliver stellar games for the X360... so now they make Kinect games.

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1upgamer992176d ago

No kidding, Rare was awesome. When you bought a game and it had Rare on it you knew it was going to be AWESOME. Now look at them. I wish Nintendo would have out bid Microsoft for Rare.

KMCROC542175d ago

how can u outbid yourself
when you are saling the remaning stake in said company.

Bowzabub2176d ago

Meh, they should have made a Master Chiefs Bad Fur Day... Would've sold 12 million on day 1!!!

DasTier2175d ago

Hell, your not half wrong. If they came out with a modern Conker game which involved/mocked all of the 360 exclusives such as Halo, GOW, and even go back as far as the Kameo/PGR games. I would buy it, I bet they could easily make a great game out of that.

Belking2175d ago

Hate to disappoint people but MS is keeping Rare. MS actually brought them back to profitability. Blame nintendo for letting them go. Anyway, I'm excited to see their new games on xbox720.

NYC_Gamer2175d ago

But where are the quality Rare games?that's fine them making profit and all.

Belking2175d ago

Every game Rare has made for xbox is quality to me. Its totally subjective. They are now profiting again with MS and that's what counts. Their Kinect games have sold millions and it has been confirmed they are developing two to three titles for xbox 720 and they aren't kine t only titles.

Neonridr2175d ago

so sales = quality now? If that is the case then the Call of Duty games are the highest quality games around. Kinect Sports is cute and all, but hardly compelling stuff from the studio that brought us Goldeneye, Perfect Dark and Conker.

1upgamer992175d ago

At this point in time they can have Rare...None of the original GREAT Rare game designers are there anyway. Now Rare is just a name that was once good. No real great games in the past 10 years. So Microsoft has no big win on that anyway.