The Nokia N96 Is Now Official

Steve Litchfield writes:

"Looking much like a bigger brother to the N81 than to the N95 8GB, the N96 still has the specs to go straight in at the top of Nokia's Nseries line-up. The inclusion of DVB-H, a full 16GB of flash memory and a microSD slot take it significantly above the N95 8GB, with all other specs (including GPS, Wi-Fi, 5mp camera, 2.8" screen, etc.) the same.

Having used the N81 for a while, I have a few concerns over build materials and screen contrast in bright light, hopefully we can report more on this in the next few days. Note that the dual slide arrangement has been tweaked slightly since the N95, with music controls now 'light up' functions rather than hard coded keys, and with game control functions coming to the fore when playing N-Gage games."

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xaphanze3785d ago

I'm swapping my n95 for this ;D.

niall773785d ago

now wheres the new gizmondo

Joey Gladstone3785d ago

my Blackberry 8320 Thank YOU....
......The JOEY has Spoken"

Kain813785d ago

thats not only a Handy this thing is a Laptop^^

gta_cb3785d ago

nice phone, i am going to have an upgrade in the next few months =) i was going to get the LG Viewty but this could take its place =)