Rockstar Games Collection Edition 1 heading to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Rockstar Games Collection Edition 1 appears to be heading to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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ExoHazMatt1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

I hate to be 'that guy' but this screams "cash grab" to me. Why would they include the GTA 4 expansions without including GTA 4 itself? At $60, it's not a particularly great deal and it just seems like a strange combo with MC in there.

Having said that, they're all decent games, but who's going to want all of them that doesn't already own at least a couple?

Afterthought: Holy hell, how many Xbox discs is this combo going to come on? I'm counting at least 6.

Outside_ofthe_Box1931d ago

***"I hate to be 'that guy' but this screams "cash grab" to me. Why would they include the GTA 4 expansions without including GTA 4 itself?"***

Maybe it's because all the haters and Saints Row lovers keep saying GTA4 sucks?

2pacalypsenow1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

because it Did.

princejb1341930d ago

Lol never played saints row but gta 4 does suck

The only game that interest me in this collection is red dead redemption and I could probably pick that up for $20

PS3Freak1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

GTA 4 definitely doesn't suck.

Get over your irrational fanboy hate.

WhatAboutBigBob1930d ago

Grand Theft Auto is one of the greatest series of all-time.. and coming from someone who has played all of them, and only about an hour of Saints Row 1, GTA 4 was terrible. The worst Grand Theft Auto game made.

xGrunty1930d ago

It's not that GTA4 sucked. Imo though, Ballad of Gay Tony and RDR were definitely the better games.

OhMyGandhi1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

GTA4 didn't suck.
it was overhyped.

just out of curiosity, how do you define, "suck"?

1930d ago
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HammadTheBeast1931d ago

LA Noire on 3, GTA on 2, RDR on 1, MC on 1.5.

7.5 discs.

SilentNegotiator1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Would you like help to your car, ma'am?


(not a shot at you, Hammad, just to be clear)

wastedcells1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

I think this is super smart and great for any newbies. Ya I dont think it can come out on Xbox unless they charge the full $60 for it. A lot of collections don't because of the DVD situation and price.

xtremeimport1931d ago're saying this isnt a great deal.
4 games for $60?

am I mistaken by thinking thats a wicked deal?! especially for those who havent played any of those.

(I only own the episodes of liberty city)

kupomogli1931d ago

Midnight Club and LA Noire are both pretty crappy games. You might have heard good things about LA Noire. You more than likely heard all the hype everyone showered the game with, similar to Max Payne 3 which also isn't very good.

ExoHazMatt1930d ago

That's not a wicked deal. You'll save a few bucks but I guarantee I could walk into Gamestop or go onto Amazon tomorrow and buy all 4 of the titles in this pack for $70.

I think the bundle that would've made more sense would be GTA 4 and all expansions, the GOTY edition of RDR, and the GOTY edition of LA Noire. That, by itself, would've been worth the $60 and it's a bundle that makes sense. All open-world games with that signature Rockstar spin.

Instead of that we got two pieces of GTA 4 without getting the main game, 2 other good open-world games without their expansion, and a seemingly random racing game that has nothing in common with the other titles, with the exception of who it's made by.

Just seems odd.

xtremeimport1930d ago

so just admitted you'd rather go in and buy each individually and spend more than this?

explain 1 more time how its not a good deal?
I agree that itd be a better deal if they were goty editions, but still..its a pretty good deal considering. Look at the positives!

soundslike1930d ago

I dont own any of these anymore and will highly consider getting them since the value of the ones I never had is still more or equal to the asking price of the collection.

Sweet friggin deal.

irepbtown1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

GTA 4, and Midnight club are the only two I previously owned. I never got around to play LA Noire or the extras for GTA so this will be great for me (I know GTA 4 isn't included).

Red dead Redemption I borrowed from a friend, didn't like it that much but maybe that was because I rushed to get online. LA Noire looks like a beautiful game. Midnight I did enjoy a lot. And from what I'm told by my friends, Ballad of gay tony and Lost & Damned are brilliant.

$60, I'm guessing they'd sell it for £40 here. Well worth it. I just hope it will be out before Christmas time.

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Pushagree1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Sounds like an excellent way to take advantage of a triple layered blu ray disc. All these games on one disc might make the universe collapse.

showtimefolks1931d ago

Ok first with UBI not including AC1 with AC collection or the dlc and now RS who I have a lot of respect for I mean come on how stupid do you think consumers really are?

GTA complete edition not included
Red dead GOTY not included

Make a great collection include everything because IMO in the Long run that will generate more sales because more people who already have all those games might consider just buying me collection who sold their games or traded

But whatever I have all these games

torchic1930d ago

I have none of these games and this is an excellent deal. as a person who waits for games to go cheaper this is a definite day one purchase for me.

excellent value well done Rockstar

Gamehard1930d ago

The AC collection is actually an "Ezio collection" so part 1 isn't really necessary. And AC1 kinda sucks in comparison to the others...

But yeah, this collection is pretty silly.

GuyThatPlaysGames1930d ago

It is a good deal tbh, but it's like you said, a majority of gamers are gonna have a few of these games included in the bundle already. This buy is good for someone who has been out of the gaming scene for awhile(military,dads,moms,etc) or it's a good gift to buy the kids for xmas.

Cam9771930d ago

The answer: no discs - it is only coming to Ps3.

shiver1301930d ago

You don't need GTA 4 to play the expansions. They're standalone and have their own story.

Slugg3r1930d ago

I doubt that the RDR ain't full experience either. Should have included GTA4 and the expansion and RDR GOTY.

r1sh121930d ago

surely if you buy all of those games used it would be less than $60.

DasTier1930d ago

Because GTA 4 sucks, the expansions were infinitely better.

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dedicatedtogamers1931d ago

If it was for PC (perhaps it is, but the article didn't say) I would grab it. It's not a bad deal, even if you've already played some of those game.

ExoHazMatt1931d ago

I know Red Dead never came out on PC (something I'm still sad about), and I don't think Midnight Club did either.

Besides, Steam sales offer way better deals than this package.

Slugg3r1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

How can anyone disagree with you? RDR never came to PC. I should know, I waited for the PC version all these years and just recently managed to accept the truth that it's never coming to PC and just bought it for my PS3. And yes, Steam sales do offer better deals from time to time, you some times get ALL of the publishers games for $60.

aquamala1930d ago

the GTA collection on Steam has GTA 1-3, Vice City, San Andreas, GTA 4, GTA 4 Episodes.

during summer sale all that for $12.49!

iXenon1931d ago

Regardless if it doesn't have GTA 4, all of those games (with the exception of Midnight Club) are must-buys. Getting it all for $60 is a steal

DA_SHREDDER1931d ago

With the exception of Midnight Club? Your on crack dude.

kupomogli1931d ago

Don't you mean with the exception of Midnight Club "and" LA Noire.

TekoIie1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

WTF are you talking about? L.A Noire is a great game and one of the many games which should have beaten Skyrim for GOTY.... Never gonna get over that....

NYC_Gamer1931d ago

I already own all of those games

dennett3161930d ago

Cool wait, that other thing...tedious! Yeah, tedious and pointless story.

UnchartedFan121930d ago

How do you have 12 likes,it was not even a great comment.

XXXL1931d ago

Cool collection! Heard it comes on 8 discs for xbox 360 owners.

Blankman851931d ago

Cute. The original games all fit in 5. Why does this need 3 more?

Vortex3D1931d ago

Production cost of printing DVD discs going to be more pricey. Is PS3 version going to use dual layed 50GB Blu-ray disc?

Pekka1930d ago

Actually, it isn't pricey. Even printing 5 discs cost around 1 dollars. Printing manual and cover cost a lot more than discs. Heck, you could even print 8 discs and it still wouldn't be pricey. To speak the truth, 1 dual layered BR disc cost more than 5 DVD's.