Which Nintendo Character Would Best Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

When the Zombie apocalypse comes who would you want by your side? What happens if your only choices were Nintendo characters? Nintendo Gamer Thoughts takes a look at this situation.

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badz1491776d ago

I'm gonna go with Mario! no apocalypse can stop the milking man and then we probably will end up getting Mario Zombie Carnival!

Redrum0591776d ago

Paper Mario ofcourse, his flat texture will allow him to slip away from any situation...

Oh and his lack of blood or any internal organs may actually play a role in his survival, zombies won't even peruse him.

ninjabake1776d ago

Samus is the easy choice.

camel_toad1776d ago

Zombies couldn't even chew through her standard issue varia suit.

adorie1775d ago

She would screw-attack through the entire zombie population. In fact, I am willing to bet she would be the reason human population bounces back from near extinction.

Captain Qwark 91776d ago

clearly kirby. he just suck one up, steal their zombie power and nobody would attack him becuase they would think he is one of them.

then whenever he decided he didnt want to be a zombie anymore, he just spit it out

ronin4life1776d ago

I would think he would just end up a real zombie himself...
Same goes for yoshi...

givemeshelter1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Boo for the obvious reasons LOL

KillerPwned1776d ago

Oooo I see where your going with this......fucking boo always sneaking up on me and shit.

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The story is too old to be commented.