Retro City Rampage Stuck in Certification for EU PSN Store

In a turn of events that is becoming increasingly commonplace, a major PSN release has been delayed from the EU PSN store. - PSLS

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doctorstrange2049d ago

I was so pumped for this game

dbjj120882049d ago

Haha, been playing since the store updated. It's awesome!

Sev2049d ago

Is this what's happening to episode 3 and 4 of Walking Dead?

psp2roundup2049d ago

Support #nooceans on Twitter, get these idiots to sort out a global marketplace for games.

jghvhv2049d ago

That's alright.Us Europeans love getting stuff last.We'd only be angry to get things first or at the same time as everyone else/s

Old McGroin2049d ago

Wow, this is happening so often now I'm wondering how the guys in charge of this kind of thing at Sony still have a job?

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