Interview: Defending Dynasty Warriors

Next Generation writes:

"Dynasty Warriors has never enjoyed the status in the west that it has in Japan, where it was once the highest-selling series in gaming, with each iteration being rapturously received. We spoke to the producer of Dynasty Warriors 6, Ken Matsumoto, about working on a franchise that pleases its fans, but is routinely dismissed by western critics."

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Rikitatsu3690d ago

and I don't CARE about what those FPS geeks say to Downplay this Franchise!!

YoMeViet3690d ago

right on bro i'm getting mine on the 20th

feejo3690d ago

Dynasty Warriors has never enjoyed the status in the west that it has in Japan,

What is Dynasty Warriors by the way, never eard of it here that why.

Boink3690d ago

because it's a freaking button masher that is more repetative than being a greeter at walmart.

I don't know why japan loves this game, it blows...

Marceles3690d ago

"Are there specific criticisms that annoy you?

Sometimes I feel annoyed. Comparing us to Halo, which I’ve seen on one occasion, is stupid – they’re just different. Games are often criticized on what they’re not rather than what they are. People got annoyed with Wii Sports because it didn’t have league tables, or allow you to have a three-wood in golf, or something, and it’s a brilliant game that’s simply not interested in offering those things."

Lol i like that 3-wood comment...some people just get too deep in the specs of a game instead of liking or not liking the game because of the gameplay. Thats been how its been ever since the beginning of this gen. If you're saying "I hate this game because it doesn't have a 3-wood", you're missing the point or you love totally realistic simulators. I hate simulator gamers...I enjoy realism but some of them get so deep into it, "I shot him in the bicep of his arm! why is he still shooting at me?" Come on's a video game thats why.

/end rant

kevanio093690d ago a game like this that you can just relax and enjoy, why i enjoy wii sports

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The story is too old to be commented.