Developer: Wii U controller felt like a toy, now it's 'better suited for long game sessions'

Two Tribes, makers of Wii U launch game Toki Tori 2, said that the original Wii U Game Pad was "small and toy-like" in comparison to the new Wii U controller.

They're saying that the change from circle pads to traditional analog sticks on the Wii U Game Pad has improved it from this "toy-like" feeling and made it better for "long game sessions".

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LX-General-Kaos2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

This is great news because there are many long gaming sessions to be had with future releases for the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system. From the looks of things, the new innovative game pad looks to properly address all concerns of past complaining and negative speculation. Perfectly suited for current trends, and future gaming.

The complete standard button layout is present with the new game pad, with the addition of a new era of home console gaming control. A built in lag free touch screen to compliment the already spectacular universal setup. Much like the revolutionary industry leading Nintendo 3DS entertainment system. Which has already proven that dual screen action is completely necessary for the forward progress of gaming, and battlefield control.

Now everything from Nintendos awarding exclusive offerings, to future AAA jrpg titles, down to COD like shooters will be possible with this all in one device. While complimented with new and improved next generation ways to experience each title. Opening up a whole new universe of ways for developers to innovate their product. Especially since each game pad comes as standard with each Nintendo Wii U entertainment system sold. Not a single Nintendo Elite future supporter will be alienated from the unique gaming experiences to come.

Rated E For Everyone

camel_toad2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

Yep I'm looking forward to it. Graphics aside what really killed the wii for me was the wiimotes being part of the main controller setup.

They just don't suit long gaming sessions as mentioned.

New pad looks comfy.

Gr812084d ago

I beg to differ on the idea it wasn't suited for long play sessions. I fell in love with the set up for FPS' and Metroid Prime 3 solidified it for me.

Some devs implementation was lame no doubt, but when it was implemented well, it was revolutionary. Just playing Wii Sports Resort Table Tennis the other day and that game is just amazing still.

neogeo2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

I strongly disagree. The Wii mote is far better for long gaming sessions for not motion based games. It's so relaxing to play games like mario kart with my hands resting apart now having to protract my shoulders and tense my hands together with a standard controller.

camel_toad2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )


Yeh I definitely agree that it's good for non-motion controlled games when you hold it like an old nes controller - just meant when you have it and the nunchuk and you're waving them around for hours on end.

I'm lazy though so that could be my issue =)

Cam9772084d ago

I can imagine! Nintendo aim towards the casual-market.

PopRocks3592084d ago

Actually they're aiming harder at the core crowd with some casual support thrown in. There's a reason why the only casual game by Nintendo for launch is Wii Fit U.

A large amount of the launch games are core games. Inb4 "they're just ports" complaints. They're still third party games, many of which have been showcased at Wii U conferences since 2011.

Shok2084d ago

"FELT like a toy."

Can you read?

Gr812084d ago

In the dark as to what a casual or harcore market is.

Those terms are the most ridiculous attempt of marginalizing Wii's success. What happened to just being a gamer?

There are those who play Tetris like maniacs, are they casual gamers?


PopRocks3592084d ago

I guess you can categorize them like this.

Quarky, cute and very simple games are more casual (Wii Fit, Carnival Games or perhaps a game show tie-in like Jeapordy or Buzz).

Meanwhile hardcore games are generally the mature, darker and more complex games (Darksiders, Gears of War, Resident Evil, etc.) Both markets meet different audiences, so I guess that's how the terms "hardcore" and "casual" came to be.

Then of course you have those harder to categorize games (Tetris is a great example). And I'll be damned before I ever start calling Mario, Zelda or Kirby casual. Yeah, they're easy to get into, but in my opinion they're also more complex in gameplay and design than people give them credit for.

Gr812084d ago

Appreciate your attempt to clarify, but again, the way I see it is you can't classify a game as being "casual or hardcore" but rather the gamer him/herself.

I can play Resident Evil casually or I can play Pacman or Mario maniacally.

Back in the day Metroid for NES was classified as a game for "elite gamers" meaning is was meant to be difficult and challenging.

This notion of 'casual games, casual markets etc' is all just a bunch of classic viral marketing tactics.

I liken it to a woman being half pregnant lol. You either are or your not. You either play games or you don't..That's my perspective.

BitbyDeath2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

Here's how i see it -

Casual - People who generally buy a system for 1 or 2 games/genres of games. eg. COD gamers who only play COD or even only play FPS/Fitness

Core - would be the other market who actually enjoy playing different types of games no matter what the genre is be it - SingStar, Mario, Uncharted, Borderlands, Halo etc etc.

Hardcore - those who complete games in under a week or just play continuously for hours on end and likely also have multiple systems.

I'd see myself as a core gamer.

FinalomegaS2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

Arius you're right, I feel the same way about the whole Casual and Hardcore.

Pop you did make it sound alright, but the little detail missing for both (after using my woman as a testing ground).The gamer him/her self can be starting out as casual but after a while, they can see their hunger for more OR they might know their limits and limit their self to couple of round in Mario, few level in pac man or a few game overs ( which ever comes first too often).

She ( wife) will play any game she can try to beat my a$$ at ( never going to happen but let's humor her lol) Soul Calibur, Mario Kart, Pac Man Champion Edition,Street Fighter 4,Tetris Attack,NSMB (easy to grab her and toss her in a hole.

She generally likes to play as long as I am there but wont do it alone. but she can't go to long as she only sees the point of "fun" for so long and not the point of core/ hardcore to F'ing root the game and destroy some mofo that was bothering you. Go for achievements or just finish the dam thing to start over.

Ok so casual gamers are the ones upgrade to core gamer and eventually hardcore. think there is one more level, insane ( drinks energy drinks to sustain gaming life and dies after 48 hour lol)

So basically you can't just pick up gaming and be totally hardcore, you need to start off as casual.

Casual > Core >> Hardcore >>> Insane nolifer(warning this is beyond playing for fun)

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wiiulee2083d ago

ok...why even post this articles...except to give sony and microsoft fanboys something to get a hard on about ....until wiiu win next generation and they start crying again....obviously a hater sat asking developers about early wiiu kits because they can't say nothing about the wiiu

DivineAssault 2083d ago

im sorry but all nintendo products feel like toys to me.. I enjoy my 1st party games from em tho