The weird and bizarre side of 25 years of Street Fighter Read

Last month, publisher/developer Capcom released the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collection Set for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 — a gigantic package that would put E. Honda’s formidable girth to shame. Within the myriad of discs inside is one excellent, must-see documentary that covers the Street Fighter phenomenon from its arcade roots to its current high-level tournament play.

The creators of this documentary, Area 5, recently stopped by the GamesBeat office to give us a behind-the-scenes tour of their two months of filming, filled with fascinating stories (many of which never made it into the final cut).

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davidfca1987d ago

Street Fighter wontons, stuffed with 100% pure USDA choice ground street fighters.

Sadie21001987d ago

What is the black bar coming out of Ryu's crotch?

kingPoS1987d ago

Is Ryu the new face of capcom? He's in practically every street fghter game from 1-SxT.