PS3 Will Offer Best Blu-ray Player writes:

"If you want a Blu-ray player, get a PlayStation 3! It is the fastest, most reliable Blu-ray player available, can be updated to Profile 2.0, and is priced the same as an entry-level Profile 1.0 player. The PS3 has been well supported by Sony and is rock-solid reliable, unlike the competing Profile 1.0 players at the same price. Why would you pay the same $399 for much less?"

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mugoldeneagle033779d ago

I think most people have known that the Playstation 3 has been the best performance Blu Ray player since launch. Now that the price is down, and will continue to go down, sales will increase steadily. It's also the easiest to manage in terms of Firmware updates.

The only problem is that the average consumer sees the Playstation 3 as a "gaming console" and nothing more.

pp3779d ago

because i would rather have Blu-ray player than a george forman grill

she00win993779d ago

so eating bill gates' D!<K is better than george forman's, good for you..

feejo3779d ago

40gb heat less that the 360.

phony force slayer3779d ago

thats one mean fat free grilling machine

she00win993779d ago

bloodmask adverting a sony product? he must be tired of sucking bill gates' balls...

TheHater3779d ago

Bill don't work at MS anymore

Hagaf223779d ago

anyone who thinks bill gates doesnt still have his hands in microsofts doings is missing a large chunk of their brain, along with having their eyes flashing rrod's

wallace10003779d ago

The PS3 still isn't up to par though. I personally have to wait for a profile 2.0 player that can bitstream TrueHD/DTSHD via HDMI. I want all the glory of Blu-ray, not just part of it. Panasonic BD50 will be the player to go with!

Hagaf223779d ago

i agree that sonys got a great product in ps3's ability to quickly update, but sony doesnt get the updates out quickly, how long have we all be screaming for dts-ma? aside from others things **cough**in game xmb**cough**

deeznuts3779d ago

Why exactly do you need it to be bitstreamed? What titles out there have DTS-MA but not PCM? That's a serious question because I don't know. If you can't name your favorite movie that has DTS-MA but doesn't do PCM at a good bitrate, you're just repeating something you heard.

PS3 will decode TrueHD into PCM and send that over to your receiver. The only reason to really need it in bitstream form is if, for some crazy reason, you think your receiver will decode it better than the PS3.

In other words, with all the benefits of the PS3, these audio quibbles are just that, quibbles, unless you are one of the select few who must have DTS-MA no matter what. Then yes, I can respect your opinion.

wallace10003779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

I don't buy a player to last me a year or two. Just because they aren't mastered in DTS HD doesn't mean they won't be in a few years. Foresight my friend. Plus i want the signal to be bitstreamed via hdmi because i would rather my receiver do the decoding rather than a standalone player or PS3 of much lesser value.

Kleptic3779d ago

it does have some weaknesses with sound though...but that is just what I read, I still get totally lost on the PS3's sound abilities...

so it doesn't have DTS HD support of any kind right?...or at least...not yet...but whatever it does get will just be streaming support for it, so it won't encode, or decode, or w/e a DTS HD signal internally, because it doesn't have the hardware to do it...

and that is the same with Dolby TrueHD right?...TrueHD is not an option on the sound settings in the fact...very little is available...just DTS, DD, and AAC, plus those bizarre 48hz 2 channel options...but the PS3 is supposed to natively support TrueHD (it even has the little logo on the hardware)...

so my question is...when blu ray movies and games finally start having true uncompressed 7.1 channel TrueHD and DTS HD sound...what happens? just need a reciever that can decode that stuff?...and the PS3 will send out a correct signal accordingly? reciever has TrueHD support via HDMI...and I have a 7.1 channel setup...but I have no clue how any of that stuff applies, mostly because no BD game or movie I have supports it yet...

wallace10003779d ago

I am not sure if the PS3 has the ability to support TrueHD and DTS HD over hdmi (bitstream) with a firmware update. Maybe someone else around here knows. I just know that right now it can't so i am going to grab a stand alone player that can do what the PS3 currently can't.

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