Killzone HD Trophy List

Complete trophy list for Killzone HD.

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guitarded772227d ago

Can't wait to download this game!!!

Chapulin2227d ago

I guess this will be my next Platinum Trophy.

KONAAs2227d ago

finally will have all killzone platinums! got kz2 and 3 platinums aldeady,

JoGam2227d ago

Kz2 is tough to platinum.

AusRogo2227d ago

Respect for the kz2 plat. That shit is tough.

KONAAs2227d ago

tnx and it is, specially the radec final battle, but the pass the game with out dying is eassy, all u do is restart the save spot if u die, but the final battle is harder than GOW3 zeus fight

josephayal2227d ago

It was a LONG and CHALLENGING first-person shooter, I will be buying this game as soon as its out for ps3