5 Reasons to Love Modern Gaming

MMGN: "Take us back to the glory days", "bring back the Golden Age", they say. No one can deny the effect of nostalgia and the special place in our hearts for titles from eras long gone - I'll happily admit that many titles on the SNES/N64/PS2 hold a special and irreplaceable place in my heart. But times have changed, the year is 2012 and the modern era has provided gamers with many new features that previous generations could only dream of. Gamers are very critical people (look at the shtick the once-mighty Capcom are copping over Resident Evil 6), and whilst finding contentedness within what you have can prove to be a very difficult thing, here's five reasons why you should love modern gaming:

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Yodagamer2052d ago

I still prefer the consoles of old, i loved pixel graphics and still do, as for dlc it's kinda a 50/50 for me, some of it's awesome and some of it is kinda unneeded.

ThanatosDMC2052d ago

Old Snake's butt is #1... if it's not, then im confused.

cpayne932052d ago

Online gaming replacing splitscreen isn't a plus imo, it's a minus. I'm at college and I still get people together for smash bros and mario kart. You just can't beat playing together in the same room, I feel disconnected from people when playing online. I think we should still have both.

Aside from that, gaming becoming more casual in general, and the fact that there are just too many shooters nowadays, makes me perfer gaming of old.

AznGaara2052d ago

You speak the truth. I play a lot of fighting games and nothing replaces sitting side by side with your opponents. I also remember going to a lot of 16 player LAN parties with Halo 2. Sure online is convenient but nothing beats seeing someone's face after a head shot or hopping off your seat to trash talk to someone across the room. Great times.

cpayne932052d ago

Oh man, I have some great memories with halo 2. I never actually owned the game, but I had plenty of friends who did and the co op and versus on that game was incredibly fun, actually the best game in the series imo.

But yeah those awesome moments like getting a headshot in halo, or grabbing the hammer for smash bros, or crossing the finish line in a racing game right before your buddy, none of it is quite as fun when they aren't sitting next to you.

jslash2052d ago

I never said it was a plus, I agree with what you said about playing together in the same room and feeling disconnected online. It's simply that split-screen gaming isn't as relevant as it used to be, and online gaming is extremely convenient and can still be a lot of fun.

cpayne932052d ago

Yeah but the creation of online gaming is what slowly lead to split screen being less relevant. It didn't have to be that way, but the focus for the multiplayer shifted that way. In other words, it seems that getting one good thing is making us lose another. Still happy online gaming came about of course, I do enjoy it.

ShaunCameron2052d ago

My reason to love modern gaming? I can play at my own pace thanks to most games having different difficulty modes.

StrawHatPatriot2052d ago

One could argue the graphics are causing major shifts in what developers release, knowing that many games nowadays have large budgets - so large budgets=do what works, which leads to less variety/less sequels.

A console doing more is nice, but I like where the Wii U is, because having al lthe multimedia that you might not even use/need can make it feel like you dropped a bunch of money (PS3's $599 price tag)

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