Diablo or Starcraft MMO Announced by Blizzard? WWI 2008!

WoW IncGamers got a sniff from Blizzard that they are going to hold another World Wide Invitational (like a mini-BlizzCon for the gamers and the games industry) in late June this year. Considering that StarCraft II was release during the WWI 2007 in Korea, one wonders what this one in France will give. Is there some game French games like in particular, or is it just convenient to have it near the World of WarCraft centre? Make sure to check all news sites in June!

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Leord3753d ago

Consider ticket bought.

JsonHenry3753d ago

If they DO make a Diablo MMO - please make it with more realistic artistic style and top end graphics. Not that graphics are the only reason to buy a Diablo game - but one of the things that made Diablo so great at the time was the lifelike and "realistic" art style unlike the highly stylized SC and WC games they make.

Now if they are making a StarCraft MMO then the stylized art direction would fit of course.

For me - I am hoping they are making a Diablo MMO. Only with gameplay like that of the original Diablo games. That would be sooooo sweet!! A hack and slash MMO FTW!!

However, I prefer RTS games to all others. So just a release date for SC2 would make me happy.

Bazookajoe_833753d ago


Daver3753d ago

yea fu*k MMO! we want Diablo 3!!!!

Leord3753d ago

Now now. There is nothing saying that there will be an MMO *instead* of Diablo III! Why not a Starcraft Online game, AND Diablo II :D

Check out the if interested in Diablo, btw. Think that is the most active Diablo community on the net.

Tyrael3753d ago

Actually reports pretty well too, and if this game isn't announced by the end of 2008 i am going to kill someone.

kevin11223753d ago

IM looking forward to this announcement. Hopefully they make a diablo mmorpg or atleast diablo 3. I would definitely buy either one of them.

Farsendor13753d ago

whats with all the hate on mmo from the users on this site? i would love a starcraft mmo

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The story is too old to be commented.