GamesRadar Preview - Far Cry 3: 14 things we didn't expect to be doing in the first three hours

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Far Cry 3 promises to be one of this year’s biggest, densest, and most action-heavy open-world games when it hits in late November (or early December if you’re in the US). It also looks to be one of the maddest, both in terms of its unhinged characters and the sheer wealth of things to do. Why do we know this? Because two noble GamesRadar Editors recently went hands-on with the game’s first three hours, and ended up doing a whole bunch of stuff they didn’t expect to be doing.

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denawayne1990d ago

This game keeps looking better and better.

wastedcells1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Defiantly.... I think this game will be awesome for those who are looking forward to it and huge surprise to those who are not paying attention.

Eldyraen1990d ago

Think I'm going to have to just break down and preorder it tonight. I put off xcom and wish I didn't now (got it last night--love how it doesn't hold your hand and is actually difficult). Can't wait for Farcry 3 now though as just sounds better and better every day. So many games though so didn't preorder them all.