Eurogamer's Cult Classics: PlayStation 2

Eurogamer lists some games you really should try:

"It's been a while since we've done one of these and, since each new console generation usually results in older hardware being passed on and great software going cheap, it seems like a good excuse to have another dig around in the archives for some of the PS2 games that never really got a fair deal. The games that were maybe too innovative to stand out in an industry increasingly devoted to predictable franchise-building. The games that were deemed too weird, or were sunk by poor marketing. This, then, is not a list of the greatest PS2 games ever made, even though several here certainly deserve that praise. Many more are solid 7/10 efforts that fell by the wayside. All are recommended for adventurous souls with a taste for the eclectic."

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riksweeney3787d ago

God Hand is a fantastic game. Sure, it's pretty tough in places, but the difficulty adjusts itself to how good a player you are. There's something very satisfying about dodging a barrage of attacks and then retaliating with a combo of your own.

It is also one of the funniest games I've ever played.

Relcom3787d ago

If you like Final Fantasy Tactics gameplay you'll love this. I had so much fun leveling my guy to lvl 3000 and owning everything except for the God prinny which is when i quit playing cause leveling to above 6000 was gonna take forever. Its on the PSP too, check it out.

ChaosKnight3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

As sad as it may sound... Godhand was one of the few games that influenced me to get back into animation, lol. The animation and overall style of the game felt so bizarre and just spoke to me =P. Some people didn't enjoy it *coughign* but I thought this game was a blast.

Also, Disgaea is down right amazing... personally my 4th favorite game of all time.