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Joey Gladstone3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

I believe that is truly the only thing I felt was lacking from COD4, Sadly I was shafted by the previous PS3 port version of Rainbow Six as it was garbage... so I dont think I'll be picking this version up....
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Kleptic3724d ago

the PS3 version wasn't much worse than the 360 version had some frame-rate problems here and there...but so did the 360 (both were using a very early version of UE3)...and both had some of the worst graphics of a popular game this generation...

Vegas 2 still looks like crap imo though...I am not sure what style they are going for, one would assume a realistic situation like cod4...but everything looks like plastic...especially those outdoor scenes...

I definitely won't do anything with this game until I rent it first...I bought into the reviews of the first one (and the PS3's reviews were also very high)...and within a week wished I had never bought it...the cover system was great, but the campaign was redundant and corny...the online looked and ran like dump, with everyone playing the same map over and over...

Vegas scored nearly as high as CoD 4 did, just a year apart...CoD 4 is a blazing masterpiece in every area compared to Vegas...what was going on with reviewers at that point is beyond me...

Kleptic3724d ago

agreed...that doesn't look any better than the first game so far...and the videos released just a few days ago tell the same story...and not looking any better than the first game...plops this title right down at the bottom of the barrel for both consoles...

f7ss13724d ago

i just cant bring myself to be excited about this game, cod4 rasied the bar so high for this to meet

ninja_united3724d ago

is a must have for me and r6v2 has it so i dont really care if it doesnt have great graphics
another thing, no more crappy cod4 servers style¡¡¡ i hate playing in maps i dont want to hopefullr r6v2 will change that.

spandexxking3724d ago

rainbow 6 was always gameplay over graphics why do you think people play counterstrike, SOCOM and, dare i say it, HALO 3.

wangdiddy823724d ago

Just looks so cheesy compared to COD4.. This almost looks like a time crisis game..

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