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Resident Evil 6 first-week sales compared to Resident Evil 5 in Japan

See how the first-week sales of the recently-released Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 game, Resident Evil 6, compared against the debut week of Resident Evil 5 in Japan. (PS3, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360)

JAM_brz  +   955d ago
"You can order the survival-horror video game in the following link: Resident Evil 6"

Even if I wanted RE6, I will not find a "survival horror", fix that please.
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HammadTheBeast  +   954d ago
Action QTE Movie*

Number-Nine  +   955d ago
i really wish people didn't buy this game. it looked like utter trash.

the series will not change if people keep buying this trash.
LOGICWINS  +   955d ago
Your opinion doesn't represent that of all gamers. Evidently, not EVERYONE thinks its trash. I thought the demo sucked, but I respect the opinion of anyone who enjoyed the demo/full game.
Number-Nine  +   955d ago
i wish they had a different opinion, that's all.
if they enjoyed the game then props to them.

all i want is for the series to return to what it once was. sales might say it's successful but that's just capcom cashing in on the name and reputation it once had. some genuinely enjoy it, i know. but there is certainly a mixed crowd.
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Aceman18  +   954d ago
a friend of mine finished it and gave it a 8/10. so yea there are people out there like you said who will enjoy this game.
Pintheshadows  +   954d ago
I garnered both enjoyment and primal rage out of it, but it isn't nearly as bad as some have made out. It is however shockingly inconsistent with regards to design, story, gameplay, set pieces.

Chris's campaign is the biggest example of this. It features my favourite moment in the game (a certain boss fight) but so much of it is derivative action game nonsense (shoot down the attack chopper with a grenade launcher) that it left me with a sour taste in my mouth.
aquamala  +   954d ago
what do you want the series to return to?

dreadful cutscenes/voice acting? limited saves? fixed camera? aweful controls?
Number-Nine  +   954d ago
Sevir  +   954d ago
By far the biggest homage to horror came from Leon,s
Chris's campaign was OK, the best part of it was the segment tracking down the snake boss. That was up together well. And lemons campaign was awesome..
LOGICWINS  +   955d ago
Holy crap! So it basically doubled what RE5 did lol.
Grap  +   955d ago
so what? doesn't mean it's huge success PS3 and Xbox360 have nearly 140M fanbase when in 2008 they were roughly 50M. that's 3x.
geddesmond  +   954d ago
Yeah it doubled what RE5 sold but with more than double the amount of consols on the market now than there was back then and RE5 released in March. Games always do better after September. Its the weeks to follow that will determine how well the game will do compared to RE5.

For me I already see a crap load of used copies in HMV and Gamestop so I don't think this game will do even 4 mil first year let alone the 7 mil Capcom predicted. I've also noticed everyone on my friends list who got the game are all back playing Borderlands 2 which isn't a good sign for a game.
gnothe1  +   954d ago
geddesmond..would you please stop with your lies..a traded in game has to sit 2 weeks plus before it can be resold..the game hasnt been out two weeks yet...so how have you seen crap loads of used copies...if you dont like the game thats fine..but dont try an make things seem worse than they are...
geddesmond  +   953d ago

Let me ask you a question. Where in this world do you live because I live in Ireland and Gamestop and HMV have loads of used copies. Maybe its policy where your from but not over here.
ShaunCameron  +   954d ago
The NA and EU #'s just came back and it looks like RE6 will be a success. In other words, Capcom won. Haters lost.
Lovable  +   955d ago
Just enjoy the game people. Weed out all these "nostalgia freaks"
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aquamala  +   955d ago
pre ordered and still playing, great game.
GamerElite   954d ago | Offensive
GamerElite  +   954d ago
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Sevir  +   954d ago
Its a good game, Finishing up chris's campaigns
My favorite moment has to be the snake encounter. Really not as bad as the media and the Nostalgic fans beating this game down.
Pintheshadows  +   954d ago
That's my favourite part as well.
kparks  +   954d ago
so u like the worst camp in the game LOL OK go play COD!!
Max-Zorin  +   954d ago
Looks like Resident Evil 6 is gonna end up one of those games a lot of people hated but sold well anyway.
SOD_Delta  +   954d ago
Good for Capcom. RE6 has a good campaign. It took me 20 hours to beat it. It's pack with content. Now all I want is some more Merc mode maps/characters.
gnothe1  +   954d ago
the game is very DECENT...i liked the feel of RE5 better...but this game isnt bad...maybe if it was called something other than RE6 this would have been a great game...but because we were expecting something different for a RE title people are beating it up..

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