Netflix picks Blu-ray, good luck renting an HD DVD soon

In what can only be classified as yet another crushing blow to the embattled HD DVD camp, rent-by-mail giant Netflix has just announced its intention to only stock Blu-ray titles in the future. Netflix justified its decision by pointing out the fact that most Hollywood studios seem to be converging solely around the Sony-backed format -- a fact that's all too familiar to Toshiba and friends. With both Blockbuster and now the 'Flix having eschewed HD DVD for BD, it's gonna get harder and harder to even find a place to rent those former discs in the first place, let alone one that has a decent selection.

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StalkingSilence3596d ago

This kind of news is pretty astonishing - coming out before press releases. I am a Netflix customer and have rented over 30 Blu-ray discs from them. Netflix's direct competition has been Blockbuster with the direct-mailed discs, which has been Blu-ray only for a while now. I'm a little surprised frankly that they would make this bold move - but pretty pumped as the format war looks to be drawing closer.

Cysquatch3596d ago

One step closer to the BD addon drive for the 360/720. ;)

sonarus3596d ago

this one sorta stings. universal and paramount talk to toshiba so this whole format war can end

marinelife93596d ago

I just hope netflix and blockbuster can carry more discs. My entire queue is full of Blu-ray disc but there all listed as long wait. I think they both suck with hi-def media.

TheTwelve3596d ago

Wow...this is a major punch to the HD DVD's ribcage. I still say that this format war was over once the PS3 came out. We who bought the PS3 won the battle, and all we're seeing now are HD DVD's death rattles.


Sexius Maximus3596d ago

a winner is emerging, this war should have ended long ago, but because this is a news website, the story has been updated...though it really doesn't mean much for the HD-DVD camp, here's the info...
Update: It looks like all hope is not lost for HD DVD renters. Not only does Blockbuster Online still carry titles in the endangered format, but Netflix should continue offering a limited selection of discs until current stock is phased out around the end of the year.

mikeslemonade3596d ago

This is a bigger blow than the warner annoucement.

phony force slayer3596d ago


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squallsoft3596d ago

...when the heck is Toshiba going to throw the towel in? This "war" has gone on long enough, confusing consumers and handicapping the adoption of HD. Please, god, let this be the final nail in HD-DVD's coffin.


meepmoopmeep3596d ago

i want my Heroes Seasons on Blu, yesterday! Toshiba is too stubborn to know when to quit. it's OVER! every week another company is driving in a nail into HD-DVD's coffin.

Primetimebt3596d ago

The Dominos just keep falling for HD DVD. It's only a matter of time before stores like Wal Mart, Target, Circuit City, and Best Buy plug the plug on HD DVD.

marinelife93596d ago

Universal's Ken Graffeo is an idiot. They should have fired him a long time ago. HD-DVD is not going to win and if they aren't working on a migration plan to move to Blu-Ray then the CEO is a fool as well.

titntin3596d ago

Its hardly even news any more... The demise of this format is undeniable and the only reason that Toshiba and Microsoft don't throw the towel in immediately is beacuse they have a lot of old stock to try and shift. I can guarentee you they will not be churning any new units out in the factories...

mugoldeneagle033596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

It's no longer about the victory for Sony, the Playstation 3, or the Blu Ray camp, it's now about when Microsoft is finally going bail out on backing HD-DVD. It's a sinking ship and if they stay on it any longer, it could bring disaster to the MS front.

The consumers have spoken, the studios have spoken, and now the two biggest rental companies have spoken. Blu Ray is the winner.

The balls in Microsofts hands now. Hopefully they'll know what to do with it

meepmoopmeep3596d ago

this has more to do with Toshiba than Microsoft. MS only provided the codec... even though they back them, they don't have much stake in it.

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