PS Vita passes 1 million units sold in Japan LTD

Celebration is in order for Sony as the PS Vita officially passed the 1 million mark for lifetime to date sales in Japan this past week.

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LX-General-Kaos1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Congratulations to Sony for their astounding achievement.

Lets hope that all of the great luck and fortune continues..

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miyamoto1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

aw, that is so sweet of you, General K

short & simple

very nice

to see you here

ritsuka6661837d ago

Nintendo 3DS took just 13 weeks

Ps vita took 42 weeks..

I am just saying ok?

CommonSenseGamer1837d ago

Vita is definitely under performing but a millions sales is still an achievement. However, Sony takes the hit or profit from h/w, I'm more concerned about software sales.

jujubee881837d ago

Who gives a crap about the 3DS?

CommonSenseGamer1836d ago

Obviously a lot more than those who give a crap about the Vita.

jujubee881836d ago


We ARE talking about the same 10 people right?

Aaaaaand, I have incurred the wrath of the geekiest of geeks this day.


Gr811837d ago

Dreamcast sold 1m faster than Vita did.

iamnsuperman1837d ago

and people forget the Dreamcast sold well initially. It then didn't do so well after that.

NastyLeftHook01837d ago

its a great device (best hand held out there) and i wish it the best. waiting for assassins creed liberation to come soon.

Chapulin1837d ago

Agreed. Also can't wait for Ragnarok Odyssey, Soul Sacrifice, and Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified.

Godchild10201837d ago

Ragnarok Odyssey has an official release for the 30th now. They just posted the date on their Facebook page.

LiViNgLeGaCY1837d ago

I'm so happy it's finally official. I've been waiting for Ragnorok Odyssey for a very long time. :)

Seriously, it's going to be amazing.

Skate-AK1837d ago

Me too. I have mine paid off and am going to pick up the bundle on the 30th.

nevin11837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )


That price drop did wonders for the 3ds.

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The story is too old to be commented.