Dear Developers – Stop Shoving Multiplayer Down Our Throats

When single-player enthusiast Dave McConkey went hands-on with the likes of Halo 4, Crysis 3 and Aliens: Colonial Marines at this year’s Eurogamer Expo, he was left thoroughly unimpressed. Here, the disgruntled gamer explains why the dominance of FPS deathmatching – rather than campaign previews – sent him into a furious rage.

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GribbleGrunger2017d ago

I think it would be better to ask reviewers to stop putting games down that don't have multiplayer.

2017d ago
Blankman852016d ago

Not true, Batman AA and AC, ME 2, Skyrim, AC2 and a whole host of other well reviewed games say that is not the case. We just like blaming gaming media

C0MPUT3R2017d ago

It is sad. Trying to get some of that cod crowd they waste money and resourses on a tacked on MP Mode that no one plays.

cleft52017d ago

That CoD crowd is over 10 million strong. No developer in their right mind doesn't attempt to get a piece of that pie. And if there is no MP it becomes really easy to just rent the game and call it a day. Like it or not, MP is an essential component in selling a game new.

TalesFromTheBud2017d ago

Once we figured out how to have online multiplayer I never looked back.. It takes a great one player experience to make me feel like I'm not wasting my time against dumbed down AI.

IIC0mPLeXII2017d ago

Then play on a difficulty higher than casual.

TalesFromTheBud2016d ago

I play on normal or harder always. It doesn't matter to me. The AI would be perfect except they program in flaws so that it seems more human. I'd rather just player against humans although I still play a good story game. Waiting for Dishonored to get here in the mail as I type. I just like the feeling of knowing you bested the enemy because of better tactics or real human error... not simulated human error. If we eventually create actual intelligence like in sci-fi movies then why would I play multiplayer? The computer is less likely to be an assbag. lol But we're not there yet so to me multiplayer tends to be more fun.

cogniveritas2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

I feel like we have dumbed down A.I. because developers aren't putting resources into advancing A.I., but instead they just set up multiplayer arenas and let random people kill each other hoping nobody notices.

Somebody2016d ago


True. I read years ago about how a superior AI system would take a lot of CPU horsepower to make them act believable against human players. I was excited since I thought game makers are really giving their focus on AI since first gen multi-core CPUs from Intel and AMD were coming out. Pushing the boundaries perhaps.

Instead they focused on graphic. When current gen appear, the same thing: graphic first followed by gameplay. Sure, why not let them establish the graphical knowledge base first before they start with the AI. You wish. Once they have the graphic down, it's all about MPs.

With each passing year, AI skills almost flatlined-they don't get any smarter but not any dumber as well. Only recently we've seen some efforts of improving the AI but it's going to be a tough job in this age of F2Ps and MMOs. The Last of Us have some pretty neat AI but we'll have to see if that innovation is enough to entice everybody else to return to programming spectacular AIs.

telekineticmantis2017d ago

" I am a genuine games journalist (and not just a semi-literate man-child with a sympathetic friend who runs a website, and is happy to let me vomit out the odd article in the vain hope of someday earning some money for my efforts)."
Who was that directed to?

Anyway if I'm going to get COD, Medal of Honor, or Halo, I'm getting it for Multiplayer, Maybe Medal of Honor can tempt me on it's Single Player. To me anygame with good gameplay that can be attributed to a MP competition should experiment in some sort of MP mode.

We need Innovation and fresh experiences in MP, not just adjustments/upgrades to the same formulas we've been playing for 20 years.

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