Injustice: Gods Amoung Us - Final Packshot revealed

Warner Interactive today revealed the final packshot of Injustice: Gods Among Us that coming in Aril 2013.

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Kingdom Come1927d ago

Not sure if I'm happy with the centring of Joker's face. I loved the focus on Hero vs Hero this game was taking, it feels as though the Joker is being thrown in for marketing sake. As a massive fan of comics, I'm going to be purchasing the collectors edition, regardless of the fact I'm not particularly a fan of fighting games.

JohnApocalypse1927d ago

I think they should just have the bit with Batman and Superman

Captain Qwark 91927d ago

i agree, the faces add too much. just those two would have been perfect

RioKing1927d ago

yeah, they could put the faces on the back of the case..

Ben_Grimm1927d ago

I really think it's impossible for Nethrealms Studios to make Wonder Woman's looks even remotely appealing.

They are fixated on making her look as butch as possible.

Blankman851927d ago

Don't like. Watch with making Joker the focus? Everyone else is a hero and then there's joker. . . ?

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