Vista SP1 still vulnerable to activation hacks

One of Microsoft's big goals in releasing Vista SP1 is the closure of a pair of known Vista activation exploits. While the OEM BIOS hack and grace timer hacks are now indeed now useless in the face of SP1, a third remains. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes over at ZDNet tracked down a hack that required "a few seconds in the command prompt" to trick Vista SP1 into thinking it was genuine.

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Chris_GTR13720d ago

again? this news was posted yesterday

mighty_douche3720d ago

Just another quality piece of Software from the worlds number 1 producer!

Do M$ even test things anymore? i doesnt seem like it.

iNcRiMiNaTi3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

ANY new program or software, give it a month, maybe less maybe more and it will be hacked.

mighty_douche3720d ago

but SP1 has been out for what? 5 days? and its being reported already, not really the best way to start things off is it.

killer_trap3720d ago

it's kind of depressing knowing that even the number one software company that has the best software programmers and engineers can't produce a hack proof program. i mean how can we sleep at night knowing that are bank accounts aren't safe!!!!

couldn't Microsoft just hire a couple of elite hackers and make them design a firewall or something of the sort. who'd better undo the job of a hacker than a better hacker.

GodsHand3720d ago

It's too give you a false sense of security. Just to have you go buy some more garbage for your computer.

The only safe computer is one not connected to the world.