Hackers find a way to run PS3 retail games through a HDD

PS3News have been successful with running PS3 Retail game back-ups on a PS3 Test from both Internal and USB HDD (along with DVD). Unlike PS2 and PS1 development systems, a PS3 Test won't play a 1:1 copy/scene release.

It only plays development copies, so the executables (EBOOT.BIN) had to be decrypted and rebuilt for them to load. However, as mentioned previously, the executables also had to be patched to eliminate some disc checks.

VERY cool being able to run PS3 Retail Games via HDD though, and now PS3News can tinker with game data to find a potential flaw in how a game handles included files!

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Joey Gladstone3752d ago

By being less restrictive, and giving the purchaser of the PS3 more freedom, such as the option to install their own OS, and save any content to their swappable HD, there is little need to Tear the PS3 open and Hack....
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

spandexxking3752d ago

have you swapped your HDD in your ps3 yet? oh you have.... then you'l know you have to format the new HDD via the ps3 riiight? oh wait you havent... thought as much. hey i love my ps3 but c'mon its jokers like you that make the sony fanboy the worst out of the bunch

shine13963751d ago

There is such a thing as an external hard drive right. Can't you run it off that?

JeepGamer3752d ago

And thus game thieves are one step closer to being able to steal things.

mighty_douche3752d ago

im a PC gamer first and you have been able to access pirated games for years, but i never have.

Just because the option is there doesnt mean everyone will use it, some of us are still honest.

meepmoopmeep3752d ago

i agree ^^

i won't say i've NEVER pirated i think almost everyone has in some way or another, but i always buy my games to support the developers. crappy ports or devs is another story though ;)

Yi-Long3752d ago

... is 'theft'.

Ofcourse gamers will resort to illegal downloads etc, when prices are that ridiculous.

They should bring the european prices back to 40-45 euro or something.
If that's the price for a game, more people will go out and buy their games, instead of downloading them or waiting 5 months for a price-drop.

Just look at DVD. Nowadays, DVD's are pretty reasonable priced, and it's become a mass-market product that sells very well, even though we can just as well download a movie.

JeepGamer3752d ago

The "Overpriced Empire" argument, the fact that a game costs more than you'd like to spend justifies stealing it. Stealing software makes it MORE expensive so stealing it because you feel it's not worth the amount they are charging isn't going to help you. Games are also not 100 dollars here, they're almost universally $60.00 for a new PS3 or 360 game but in going with your 70-75 euro price point where you'd like them to be 40-45 euro that'd put games in America at around $35-40... Note: I'm not doing currency conversion I'm estimating that if a game is 70-75 euro or 60 dollars... How much it would cost for it to be "worth it" to you.

Sorry to break your heart but game companies have this thing they like to call "The Bottom Line" and they really like it when that number is black and not red. What do you do for a living? Well, I want you to go to work tomorrow and inform your boss that whatever product or service you provide should be given away to some people because they think its too expensive. Shouldn't be a problem for you to work for free now should it?

Richdad3752d ago

Although this is bad, but this will surely increase the PS3 sales to limits and decrease software sales. Mostly in countries like India and China, Sony do have grip in selling console but games just wont sell, there is also a very good channel here for illegal games cattering and after modding undoubtely hardware sales is gonna rise but software will plunge.
But if Sony is gonna play hard then this could be stopped. 360 has been moded here for a while but many raids have been conducted recently that made the copied disk supply very scarce, So its not easy for anyone to get a copy of 360 game.If Sony does the same thing they could also avoid it. Hope They just do it so, I just dont want any of the illegal arcaders doing bussiness.

tuaamin133751d ago

Your math is off. 40-45 euros is like $70+ USD, not 30-35. 35GBP is also about the same. 70 Euro is like $100 USD.

Australia's games are like $100USD.

derseb3751d ago

the game prices are insane! i have to buy games at US ebay to get resonable prices. its a pain in the a**

example: orange box
in stores in germany 65-70€ = 102 $
$44,99 USD
Shipping & Handling via USPS First Class Mail International $10,00 USD
-----$54,99 = 37€

how sick is that?? the american currency is dead

clownfacemcgee3751d ago

Yes, the USD is not worth as much as the Euro or the GBP, but it's not necessarily about the simple conversion rate because people in the countries can make more or less. America has the second highest median household income (second only to Luxembourg). The median household income is the best indicator of how much the average people in the country make. Since when you look at the quintiles and how much they make, it's completely skewed in favor of the rich, the median household income is a far better indicator of what people really make.

Long story short, although American may have a weak currency, we still make way more money than you. I'd like to see our dollar strengthened (by tossing out the Monkey in Chief), but we're not actually doing that badly.

Hamton3751d ago

Your stats are wrong anyway. Switzerland has the highest average income in the world, followed by the USA and UK.

In terms of GDP, the European Union has the highest GDP in the world. As a single country, the USA has the highest GPA, but per capita, European countries have a higher GDP than the USA.

But GDP's mostly irrelevant.

Fact is: America imports more than it exports, and its average household income has DROPPED since 1999.

If you get super specific - like the high earners in the biggest cities (ie; London Vs New York Vs Tokyo Vs Berlin) then London's pretty much the highest earning (and most expensive) city on the planet.

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bootsielon3752d ago

To prevent this from happening. I bet that once you update your PS3 or put a new game on it, all your pirated games would become useless

TheMART3752d ago

Like they patched the PSP also? :P

fredy3752d ago

them psp patches are not doing the job..unless you live in the twilight zone..

doshey3751d ago

the mistake with the psp was that you didnt aways have to download them, ps3 makes it where you want to play online then download and install the update that way this things can be avoided

LJWooly3751d ago

I'm gonna hand that one to theMART. Congratulations.

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tweaker3752d ago

Lets all remember that PS3newz has been known to spread false claims multiple times. There just a bunch of attention whores IMO.

LastDance3752d ago

Just letting people know any pirating storys i see about any console(or handheld), i am reporting to the corresponding company.

LastDance3752d ago

I think all people who want this industry to thrive should do the very same.

Pirating gives devs and companies less money to make great games...

Hook an agree if you believe this to be true....If you dont tell us all why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tatical3752d ago

Its good that you want to help, but buy the time you discover new pirating techniques, these companies have already had meetings about them.

RJ20003752d ago

You know finding out how to pirate software and hardware is as easy as googling. We already know that. As a programmer of software (its just not worth as much as games), if someone was pirating or stealing mine I would know about it.

Sometimes there is just nothing they can do.

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