Nihilistic reveal more Declassfied details

Early on Monday evening, Nihilistic Software starting answering many questions on Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified on their Twitter Feed, revealing many facts about the game.

We were told the complete list of weapons featured, the names of the six maps, all twelve perks and all of the weapon attachments.

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imXify1563d ago

At least there's many weapons unlike resistance bs. The game was a shotgun fest in multi

rezzah1563d ago

I fear the possibility that the shotgun might be overused in this game too.

Small maps are perfect for shotguns, as you turn a corner just tap the fire buttons when you see anything move and you are likely to get a kill.

Masane1563d ago Show
HammadTheBeast1563d ago

Weapons make it look pretty good. I feel that maps may be lacking however, with uninspired knock offs of "Nuketown-Nukehouse, Firing Range-Range, Container-Shipment, Intel-Grid" and the rest. Seems low quality. Quantity of weapons seems fine, but quality control isn't doing their job.

abzdine1563d ago

looks cool ! but the price ....

rezzah1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )


Repeated comment, due to lag.

rezzah1563d ago

What is the price? seen someone mentioned it being high but never saw it for myself.

dark-hollow1563d ago


For a game like this its a very blatant rip off from acti.

Paul_Murphy1563d ago

I think the US price is about the $50 mark. UK pricing is around the £35-£40 odd mark.

Cam9771563d ago

My mate wants a Vita for Christmas so when he gets one we can play this on the bus.

Paul_Murphy1563d ago

Not sure what Sony US will be doing, but in the UK/EU they are doing a bundle for it, with a 4GB card, A Wifi Vita and a download code for the game.

rpd1231563d ago

Sony US is doing the same here in the states. Caused a bit of a ruckus when they announced it would be a digital download.

enkeixpress1563d ago

Dayum, That's a sh*t ton of weapons man.. Wanna see some new footage :P

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The story is too old to be commented.