Microsoft Executive: Xbox 360 Sales Likely To Stay Strong In '08

Se Young Lee from CNN Money writes:

"SINGAPORE -(Dow Jones)- Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) expects sales of its Xbox 360 game console to continue to grow this year - even if there is a global economic slowdown.

Demand for high-definition TV sets is likely to continue as consumers tend to focus on home improvement and home entertainment during economic downturns, said Alan Bowman, general manager of Microsoft's entertainment and devices division for Asia Pacific and Greater China."

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mighty_douche3758d ago

So as people will continue to buy HDTV's he expects 360's to continue also? id say these people are more likely gonna to want to watch HD media on their new tv also, now which machine offers both HD games and movies...?

TheMART3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

Uhm... XBOX 360!

With an external cheap USB 2.0 HDD formatted in HFS+ you can watch HD movies or other footage without the 4GB limit.

There you have your HD movie device, cheap, no spinning loud discs, no discs to scratch.

Plus, the best HD games are on the 360, so I guess that's the best choice then.

Great huH?

mistertwoturbo3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

Ah yeah, TheMart. Down to three bubbles huh. Lol

"Plus, the best HD games are on the 360, so I guess that's the best choice then. "

Ohh people cant wait to play Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Turismo 5, Final Fantasy XIII, God of War III on the 360!!!

mighty_douche3758d ago

and these people will get there media from??? Can you take your HDD to blockbuster now?

Im sorry Mart M$ HD downloads are very poor quality next to disc (blu-ray), thats not me being a fanboy thats the truth, compressed 720p/audio or 1080p uncompressed.

Heres a little task for you, go find an average 40 year old and explain the whole media download thing to them, ill see you in a week or 2.

Drekken3758d ago

Do yourself a favor and unlodge yourself from your HDDVD Addon.

3758d ago
mighty_douche3758d ago

dude maybe its because you write things like " Sony Defense Force"...

But i do agree alot of people dont even bother to read comments anymore, they simply see a name/avatar they dont like and hit disagree/-bubble.

Soren the Cat3758d ago

Can the moderators kindly move this discussion to the open zone?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3758d ago

Yeah SDF has been hitting hard latly, guess they don't like all that truth and reality.

antoinetm3758d ago

@1.1 sure and the average dude knows how to do all that....

i *think* that they would prefer buy and watch HD-media (that being bluray).


seriously now.
alot of US new hddvd was dead upon new years.

alot of us still know what happens next.

Some of US know

TheMART at Xbotkings3758d ago

360 software sales will in fact continue to outsell the competition. The established user base is already there and will continue to grow. Common sense.

AdamBombastic3758d ago

So what happened to all the comments from a few months back that proclaimed MS was so great for offering the consumer a "choice" in HD disc capability? So now the new "choice" is an external/portable HDD as we all know HDD isn't standard. To bad they also gave consumers a "choice" to connect wirelessly as most people connect there game systems this way as running cables through the house isn't realistic. So the PS3 has the HD disc winning format built in, is vastly superior in its out of the box capability to download content, and has by far the most compelling game software in 08'. I just can't believe the PS3 managed to beat(or nearly beat depending on the source) the 360 in worldwide sales give the 360 had the better overall software in 07'. On top of that they already played there trump card in Halo 3. Oh, and sorry, that loud spinning disc noise is a 360 exclusive. Even I had my doubts in the beginning, but its looking like the PS3 is shaping up to be the beast of a multimedia machine just as it was proclaimed to be.

antoinetm3757d ago

@ 1.1 but the ps3 user base is growing faster...

Nothing surprise to the fact that the 360 sells more software.

It has been selling software for an additional 12 months and has a bigger user base. Thats no argument.

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moparful993758d ago

The article should read like this.

"Despite tremendous reliability problems and a lack on our part to fix said problem, we continue to doupe consumers into spending what little money they have left on our piece of junk console"

I really cant believe that people are still buying this junk. "But we have a 3 year warranty for free" There shouldnt even be a need for the warranty in the first place and it only covers the RRoD not the disk read, overheating,disk scratching, XBL errors... Add to that the horribly overpriced accessories and expensive XBL fees its no wonder americans are broke.

LastDance3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

That is simply the funniest thing i have read on this site ever! hands down.

mugoldeneagle033758d ago

I think in terms of the Xbox 360 continuing to have strong hardware sales, Microsoft is incorrect. The 360 had a banner year, some argue "The Best Software Lineup Ever" in 2007, and was still outsold by the Playstation 3 and Wii.

Now obviously the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii are "new" and that's what consumers look at when purchasing a next gen system, but I honestly think the 360 has hit it's down curve, and will continue to slide into 2009.

You see Microsoft has the strong install base in NA, and that's where it counts. Where they lack sales is in Japan. Awhile back I read an article about how the 360 has yet to sell 1 Million consoles there, after 2+ years on the market. Thats simply unacceptable. So with Nintendo dominating the market, and Sony catching up fast, what does Microsoft need to do?

1) Market the 360 as the next Playstation 2. Keep churning out titles every year, no matter what demographic they appeal to. One of the reasons the Playstation 2 had such success is that Developers kept creating AAA titles for the system, allowing it to last. Microsoft can do this IF...

2) They start to allow User-Created content. Sony took the first big step of the next generation and allowed mod's for UT3, which also was the deciding factor in EPIC making it a *timed* exclusive. With titles such as LittleBigPlanet, Echochrome, and Home coming out, Microsoft has allot of catching up to do. They need to realize they can make more than enough money on accessories and software instead of charging for user created content. Give developers the freedom to do what they want, and success will likely follow.

3) The last thing Microsoft has to worry about IS the Hi-definition war. This statement was taken from the article:

"He added that the 360's focus on high-definition games puts it in a good position to weather the economic problems"

Wrong. The 360 needs to abandon HD-DVD ASAP. Everyone knows it will look bad, but it will look and turn out worse if they stay on a sinking ship much longer. Just abandon it while you can, create a Blu Ray drive and give the consumers the chance to make ONE choice when joining the Hi-Def war. Blu Ray is gaining tons of momentum not only from PS3 sales, but Studio support and it's only a matter of time (March is when Paramount and Universals "get out" clause takes effect) before it's completely over.

So there you have it, my views on what Microsoft needs to focus on going into 2008. The pieces are in place, and if Microsoft plays their cards right, they could easily stay in the race. If not, expect failure, and probably an early announcement of their next console.

The choice is yours MS

Salvadore3758d ago

MS have sold 18m units so far, but it really seems like they have suddenly hit a invisible wall and they really have to start taking action by:

1.Establish and acquire more 1st Party studio enabling for more varation in titles.

2.Expanding the 3rd Party portfolio of exclusives and time exclusives.

3. Discount the Arcade/Core model and concentrate on a 2 SKU strategi.

4. Stop being narrow minded regarding the format war and look ahead.

killer_trap3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

good points, i think the next 3 months will define how things will work out throughout the year. let's just wait and hope for the best to all consoles.

AceLuby3758d ago

Think about it. Middle of the road 360 is $349, now add on a $150 blu ray drive (lowballing here) and you're up to $599 when the 40GB PS3 is $399. Even w/ a $100 price-cut on all models it would still be $499 compared to $399 even w/out a price cut, plus some of the $$$ that goes into that will go to Sony indirectly. I really don't think they will because than it will be far too apparent when comparing side by side to the consumer that the PS3 is a better buy. Esp w/ the lineup this year.

AceLuby3758d ago

The above should be $499 and $399 w/ a price-cut. Can't edit now.

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Zhuk3758d ago

With a strong lineup of 3rd party titles and exclusives in 2008, with expected price drops and renewed marketing efforts in Central Europe the Xbox 360 is definitely looking to have another strong year of sales

mighty_douche3758d ago

"another strong year of sales"?

i dont think being the least selling console could be called strong sales do you?

AceLuby3758d ago

I'm looking for a few exclusives to be excited about for my 360 this year, but am most excited about getting the games I missed like last year like Bioshock, Gears and Mass Effect.