Ubisoft Working On Secret Games For Nintendo Wii

It is looking as if Ubisoft has some secret plans for the Nintendo Wii. They have stated that they have games in development which have yet to be revealed to the public. Could this be a new Prince of Persia for the Wii, a new Splinter Cell, or something totally different?

Yannis Mallat of Ubisoft has come out and stated that they have big plans for the Nintendo Wii in the future, they just have not yet revealed those plans to the public.

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mighty_douche3757d ago

So secret that its posted on N4G.... hardly MI6 is it...

bigjclassic3757d ago

gave away Spinlet Cell and PoP, and we know about Red Steel 2.
Watch it turnout to be something else rediculous.

wiizy3757d ago

whatever games they have coming.. hope one of them makes it out by the end of this year

jedistev3757d ago

Hope not Creed cos i don't want 12 months old games.. and have play Creed and shocking it's crap games...graphic woo people but not games

hope something brilliant games like COD4 or Rainbow 6 Las Vegas

skyclaw3756d ago

uh... COD4 is faaaaar from brilliant... get a pc and play a really nice game like BF2 or BF2142 maybe even the new ET game... you'll look back at COD4 and laugh