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Submitted by gulevski 1146d ago | opinion piece

The Future of Kinect

"In a highly amusing video released yesterday on Kotaku, the various problems plaguing Microsoft’s current Kinect technology got neatly summed up in the Kinect tutorial to the latest game in the Xbox’s ever-worsening RPG saga, Fable: The Journey.
" (Fable: The Journey, Kinect, Microsoft, Next-Gen, Xbox 360)

Gridloc  +   1146d ago
The future of Kinect. Hand and finger games. Can't wait...
What's next motion capture suit Kinect? Looked good on paper just didn't work as advertised...
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edonus   1146d ago | Spam
SilentNegotiator  +   1146d ago
Controllers for your controller (which is you).

GreenRanger  +   1146d ago
A hand?!
That's the future of Kinect?!!
ItsTrue  +   1146d ago
Nonono, look further up the hand (towards the wrist).
Hope that helps! :D
Knight_Crawler  +   1146d ago
Why are you downplaying your girlfriend?
GreenRanger  +   1146d ago
My girlfriend is on the right.
Shadonic  +   1146d ago
boybato  +   1146d ago
reminds me of Ninty's Power Glove.
Yodagamer  +   1146d ago
That was my first thought, it even sounds like it will function like it too XD
boybato  +   1146d ago
If we will go by the saying "History repeats itself" then we all know how this will end.
Saturne3  +   1146d ago
Looks like a promising future...yawn
whoyouwit04  +   1146d ago
like i said if they combined this the oculus rift and Project Holodeck I diffently on board.
incase you haven't heard of the Rift or Holodeck here are the links


after watching these videos you can't say that with out a dout be the coolest gaming experince ever, you would actually be in the game. and have full controll of every thing in the world.

MS please buy the Rift and holodeck tech. on a side note I still think that should make controller games but have this combo has a option as well. that should be the future of games.
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El_Colombiano  +   1146d ago
I would love to see those go mainstream, but would absolutely hate if MS were the ones to get exclusive hold of it. All you would have would be Halo VR, Gears VR, etc. If anything it needs to go to a console that allows and supports indie ideas. And has a ton of first party studios to push the tech where MS wouldn't.
whoyouwit04  +   1145d ago
well microsoft does have tons of studios, 20 to be excact plus 5 just to improve the xbox tech all together. But are you saying with gears VR that they will milk the franchise or force you to play it with VR cause they didn't do that with kinect sure they but a lot of money behind it and did them selves publish a lot of games for it but you still have a contrller base games for all of there major franchisese, I know the new fable is kinect exsclusive but it does not follow the main story, if they do it like that main story controller base side story VR base that would be fine by me as long as they put just as much money, advertising, and production value goes into both version. A lot of people say they force kinect on us, But it is not forced if majority of the games that use kinect give you the choice, Keyword CHOICE to play with a controller and kinect together. But I do uderstandyour conserns.

And one more thing, MS did open the kinect up so that any one could come up with ideas holodeck is four kinect cameras.
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